Pivot Hinges for Full Size Doors

  • FritsJurgens System One Pivot Set, 1100 lbs

    $86000 Per Set
  • Pocket Pivot, Harmon Style Hinge

    From $23227 Each
  • Rixson Center Hung Pivot Set, 1000 lbs

    $1,96020 Per Set
  • Rixson Thick Door Center Hung Pivot Set, 1000 lbs

    $1,96020 Per Set
  • Rixson Floor Mount Door Closer Pivot Set

    $1,55100 Per Set
  • Dorma BTS80 Concealed Door Closer Complete Set

    $1,19467 Each
  • Rixson 1-1/2" Offset Pivot Set, 350 lb

    $78720 Per Set
  • Rixson 1-1/2" Offset Pivot Set, 150 lbs

    $67560 Per Set
  • Rixson 1-1/2" Offset Intermediate Pivot Hinge

    $41580 Each
  • Topless Pivot Hinge for Arch Top Doors

    From $34233 Per Set
  • Heavy Duty Rack and Pinion Pivot Set

    $28612 Per Set
  • Rack And Pinion Pivot Set

    $27513 Per Set
  • 3/4" Offset Hung Pivot Set, 400 lbs

    From $27170 Per Set
  • Jamb Mounted 3/4" Offset Pivot Set

    From $25870 Per Set
  • Surface Mounted Camtrol Double Acting Pivot Set

    $22131 Per Set
  • Mortised Camtrol Double Acting Pivot Set

    $20924 Per Set
  • Camtrol Double Acting Pivot Hinge

    $18560 Per Set
  • 3/4" Offset Hung Pivot Set, 250 lbs

    From $20410 Per Set
  • Center Hung Pivot Set, 500 lbs

    From $19240 Per Set
  • 3/4" Offset Intermediate Pivot Hinge

    From $13780 Each
  • Intermediate Pivot Hinge

    $13660 Each
  • Center Hung Pivot Set, 250 lbs

    From $13520 Per Set
  • Frame Mounted Center Hung Pivot Set, 250 lbs

    From $13520 Per Set
  • Frame Mounted Center Hung Pivot Set

    $12633 Per Set
  • Medium Duty Adjustable Spring Pivot Set

    $12850 Per Set
  • Cover Plate For Medium & Heavy Duty Spring Pivots

    $2716 Per Set
  • Light Duty Spring Pivot Set

    $6264 Per Set
  • Jamb Bracket For Horizontal Spring Pivots

    $1960 Each
  • Top Pivot for Kitchen Door Pivot Sets

    $746 Each
  • Large Pivot Hinge

    From $6200 Per Pair
  • Pivot Base for Large Pivot Hinges

    $2175 Each
  • Extra Heavy Duty Reversible Wardrobe Pivot Hinge

    $6021 Per Set
  • Heavy Duty Reversible Pivot Hinge

    From $3705 Per Set
  • Heavy Duty Pivot Hinge

    From $3686 Per Set
  • Heavy Duty Pivot Hinge

    From $3297 Per Set
  • Gravity Cafe Pivot Set

    From $4500 Per Set
  • Cafe Door Pivot Set

    $1406 Per Set

Full-Size Door Pivot Hinges

Pivot hinges excel in supporting heavy, full-size doors, as they operate around a central axis with support from the floor rather than the door jamb. This design ensures a smooth, effortless swinging motion, making it perfect for substantial door installations. Heavy-duty pivot hinges can handle significant weights without suffering strain, ensuring your door's durability and longevity while still offering a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Pivot hinges are available in various sizes and designs, making them suitable for different door types and styles. Installing pivot hinges for full-size doors might present a more complex challenge, necessitating the expertise of an advanced finish carpenter equipped with specialized tools. However, this investment pays off by providing superior strength and durability compared to standard butt hinges, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Types of Heavy-Duty Pivot Door Hinges We Offer

HardwareSource offers an extensive selection of pivot hinges and pivot door hardware to meet your needs, including options from industry leaders like Rixson, Dorman, Stanley, and ABH. Our hardware experts have decades of combined experience helping customers find the most practical and effective solutions for their unique applications. 

Distinguishing features of our pivot door hinge designs include:

  • Single-acting: Single-acting pivot hinges allow the door to open either inward or outward, but only in one direction. 
  • Double-acting: Double-acting pivot hinges enable the door to swing both ways, allowing for easy passage in either direction. These hinges have a more complex design and require a little more effort to install and adjust. They're often used for doors in highly active environments such as commercial buildings, contemporary homes, retail stores and showrooms, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and hospitals. They are also a popular choice for art galleries and museums, as well as any location expecting high levels of foot traffic. 
  • Offset-hung pivot: Offset-hung pivot hinges are designed with the pivot point offset from the centerline of the door thickness, which allows the door to swing as it would using butt hinges, but with a much higher weight-bearing capacity. These hinges are designed exclusively for single-action operation and are ideally suited for larger, full-sized doors. When using offset pivot hinges over traditional butt hinges, the door's weight is effectively shifted from the less-stable door jamb to the more robust floor. This transition ensures the floor bears the heavy load, preventing distortion and eliminating issues like door binding or misalignment.
  • Center-hung pivot: Center-hung pivot hinges are typically installed at the exact center of the door's thickness, allowing the door to pivot on a single point and creating a balanced and symmetrical rotation. This type of hinge is tailored for doors that align with the height of their openings and supports both single- and double-acting functionality. Notably, these hinges are concealed when the door is closed, preserving a clean, continuous look. Their design advantageously positions the door's weight directly over the pivot point, enabling them to support heavier loads compared to offset pivots. This central weight distribution ensures enhanced stability and durability, contributing to a seamless aesthetic while significantly increasing the hinge's load-bearing capacity.

Applications of Pivot Hinges for Full-Size Doors

Although pivot hinges can work for an extensive application range, they are often ideal for heavier doors, including solid wood or metal designs. Applications vary from commercial entrances in retail stores and entertainment venues to contemporary residential entryways. Pivot door hardware with self-closing mechanisms allows the door to return to its closed position automatically.

HardwareSource supplies pivot hinges in weight rating groups varying from 20 to 99 pounds for lighter doors to 1,000 to 1,999 pounds for heavier designs. Materials range from mild steel and brass to 304 and 430 stainless steel for more demanding applications and harsh environments.

We offer an extensive selection of finishes to meet your aesthetic needs, including:

  • Brass tones
  • Bronze tones
  • Brushed chrome or aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Polished chrome
  • Satin nickel
  • Stainless steel

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