• Marcel Deadbolt

    $5000 Each
  • Solid Bronze Deadbolt

    From $22600 Each
  • Cast Iron Turtle Hide-A-Key

    $2400 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Rustic Square Deadbolt

    From $12100 Each
  • Emtouch Keypad Deadbolt

    $29435 Each
  • Baldwin Modern Square Deadbolt

    $10400 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Rustic Arch Deadbolt

    From $12100 Each
  • Ellington Deadbolt

    $6200 Each
  • Stainless Steel Round Deadbolt

    From $6985 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Traditional Round Deadbolt

    $10400 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Contemporary Round Deadbolt

    $10400 Each
  • Contemporary Square Deadbolt

    $10400 Each
  • Owen Deadbolt

    $5000 Each
  • Rocky Mountain Hardware Deadbolt Grip Set

    $2,17500 Per Set
  • Stainless Steel Square Deadbolt

    From $6985 Each
  • Deadlatch - Builders Grade

    From $8994 Each
  • Heavy Duty Deadlatch

    From $21479 Each
  • Sandcast Bronze Rectangular Deadbolt

    From $7858 Each
  • Solid Brass Round Deadbolt

    From $5842 Each
  • Regular Deadbolt

    From $8700 Each

Did you know that most break-ins are committed by criminals who walk right through the front door? Even if you are diligent about locking up before you leave the house or head to bed, you need the help of a good lock to deter thieves. With a strong door and a proper deadbolt on your side, you make it nearly impossible for anyone to enter your home unannounced or uninvited. That's where we can help. At HardwareSource, we offer an extensive selection of deadbolts that can ramp up the security of your home while providing peace of mind for everyone who lives inside. We keep this selection stocked with nothing but the highest quality products made by Baldwin, Emtek, Schlage, and other brands.

Differences Between Single and Double Cylinder Bolts

Whether you are in the market for a classic round deadbolt or a contemporary square deadbolt, we have all your needs covered with an assortment of deadbolt hardware that is just as stylish as it is secure. There are two types of deadbolts to choose from: single cylinder or double cylinder. A single cylinder deadbolt is keyed on one side and has a turn piece on the other side. A double cylinder deadbolt is keyed on both sides. Before making a final decision, you should double check the door thickness and make sure that the deadbolt lock you choose will accommodate that measurement.

When it comes to the highest level of security for your front entryway, Emtek's EMTouch keypad deadbolt provides a sophisticated solution that is impossible to crack. This innovative security lock is programmed using two secure, unique user codes but you can also store up to 20 codes on the device. Every EMTouch keypad deadbolt lock is sold as a complete set, including the latch and the strike plate. Best of all, this device is available in satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze, so you can match any existing door hardware.

Baldwin is also a name that's synonymous with security. We offer an assortment of Baldwin deadbolt hardware that features an eye-catching design as well as a quality brass construction to ensure that it stands the test of time. Every Baldwin deadbolt lock features a low-profile cylinder projection for a sleek look. We carry an assortment of finishes to choose from, including distressed bronze, polished chrome, and satin nickel. With deadbolts to complement any style home, including contemporary, mid-century modern, or traditional, finding the right solution for your front entryway is easier than ever before. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about our deadbolt hardware collection.