Window Hinges and Hardware

Window Hinges

Whether repairing a broken window or improving your home's aesthetics, HardwareSource has the window hinges, hardware, and accessories you require. Check out our expansive supply of window products from cutting-edge manufacturers.

Window Operators and Accessories

At HardwareSource, we maintain a vast selection of window hardware and accessories to keep your windows looking and working at their best. Our inventory includes:

  • Operators: Window operators are commonly used with casement windows, using a rotating handle to open and close the window sash effectively.
  • Handles and covers: Handles and covers are essential additions to the function and protection of any window operator.
  • Accessories: Window hinge accessories streamline hinge operation. We carry numerous accessories, including pole cranks, tracks, locks, chains, and brackets.
  • General window hardware: Update your casement, sash, or awning windows with hardware like adjusters, pulleys, and latches to create an attractive and functional window.
  • Shutter hardware: Restore shutters with unique hardware such as shutter dogs, ring pulls, and slide bolts constructed from aluminum, brass, steel, or bronze.

Window and Shutter Hinges

Searching for the right window or shutter hinges for your property? We carry numerous types of hinges like:

  • Interior shutter hinges: Interior shutter hinges use removable hinge pins for convenient cleaning while maintaining the strength to hold up to 25 pounds when used in pairs. They're available in various materials and finishes to fit your style and budget.
  • Exterior shutter hinges: Exterior hinges are built to last and add visual appeal. They come in unique styles, including Connecticut-style, L-shaped, New York-style, swing-clear, lift-off, and more.
  • Olive knuckle hinges: This traditional hinge type relies on a pivot shaft within a knuckle's bore without bearing rings in between.
  • Window hinges: Window hinges connect windows to frames and facilitate successful opening and closing. They're designed in nearly countless finishes, materials, and styles including parliament and pivot hinges.

Our Selection of Truth Hardware Window Hinges

HardwareSource is a proud supplier of Truth Hardware hinges. This Minnesota-based manufacturer has been designing and producing hinges, hardware, and accessories since 1955. With more than 60 years of experience, they're considered one of the finest hinge fabricators in North America, with over 100 high-quality products ready to support your windows and shutters.

We offer a variety of Truth Hardware hinges for windows and shutters, ranging from simple to complex configurations to satisfy all your needs. Whether restoring old, weathered units or installing a brand-new awning window, our comprehensive collection of Truth Hardware hinges and accessories has everything you want.

Buy Your Window Parts From HardwareSource

HardwareSource is the premium hinge and hardware supplier to support all your window installation and restoration projects. We have over a century of experience dating back to 1892, giving us the skills and knowledge to help you find the right tool for the job.

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