Exterior Shutter Hinges

  • New York Style Shutter Hinge

    From $5211 Per Set
  • Faux New York Style Shutter Hinge

    $3160 Per Pair
  • Solid Bronze New York Style Shutter Hinge

    From $20700 Per Pair
  • Swing Clear Shutter Hinge

    From $4291 Per Pair
  • Lift-Off Small Shutter Hinge

    $699 Per Pair
  • Solid Bronze Offset Shutter Hinge

    From $13000 Each
  • Offset Stainless Steel Connecticut Style Shutter Hinge

    $6224 Per Set
  • Stainless Steel Connecticut Style Shutter Hinge

    From $2931 Per Set
  • Shutter Strap Hinge

    From $4890 Per Pair
  • Faux Shutter Hinge

    $1222 Each
  • Cast Iron Shutter Hinge, Full Mortise

    From $2620 Per Set
  • 2" Surface Mounted Cast Iron Shutter Hinge

    $2619 Per Set
  • Cast Iron Clarks Tip Shutter Hinges 3-1/4" Throw

    $3140 Per Set
  • Shutter Dog

    From $2470 Per Pair
  • Solid Bronze Shutter Dog

    $7200 Each
  • Rat Tail Shutter Dog

    $2600 Per Pair
  • Flower Shutter Dog

    $2820 Per Pair
  • Grape Shutter Dog

    $2820 Per Pair
  • Shell Shutter Dog

    $2820 Per Pair
  • Brass Shutter Holder

    $1380 Each
  • Anti Rattle Clip for Shutter Dogs

    $516 Each

Are you looking for an affordable way to update your exterior shutters? Outdoor shutter hinges battle the elements every day to keep your shutters in place, which means that they might deteriorate or wear down over time. When the time finally comes to replace your outside shutter hinges, HardwareSource can help. We carry a wide variety of hinges for exterior fixtures. Our selection of exterior shutter hardware is stocked with strap hinges, L-shaped hinges, faux hinges, swing-clear hinges, lift-off hinges, and much more. No matter what kind of exterior shutter hinges you require, we have all your needs covered in this collection. Plus, all the products we carry are competitively priced!

Whether you are in the process of retrofitting your shutters or restoring the exterior of your home to get it ready to sell, you are sure to increase your curb appeal by browsing our selection of exterior shutter hardware. We carry an assortment of old-fashioned outdoor shutter hinges that will add a handcrafted charm to your window treatments. We offer classic shutter strap hinges for both inset and offset shutters as well as decorative strap hinges in the antique style. New York-style outside shutter hinges are designed for shutters that hang flush with the casing whereas Connecticut-style hinges are designed for use wherever shutters cover windows that are recessed into brick or stone. We also carry L-shaped hinges, which are typically used in tandem with middle shutter hinges to help keep taller shutters in alignment and prevent them from warping over time.

If you would prefer that your shutters swing completely clear of the window, you may just find the solution you need in swing-clear exterior shutter hinges. We also offer an array of faux hinges that can add a traditional touch to decorative or non-working shutters. All exterior shutter hinges are sold individually or in pairs, so you can stock up as you need them or buy in bulk to stay prepared for future projects. We only offer exterior shutter hardware made of the highest quality materials, including solid bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, and mild steel. We also offer a wide variety of finishes for you to choose from, including tones of black, bronze, pewter, and zinc. If you have any questions about our selection of outdoor shutter hinges, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance. We are more than happy to help you find the right hardware for the job.