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HardwareSource is the specialty hinge division of San Diego Hardware. We’ve been the complete hardware and hinge supplier for San Diego and Southern California since 1892, which means you can depend on our service and quality products now and when you re-order from us weeks, months and years from now.

Our Promise: “You will find it here.”

Whether you’re a building contractor, performing commercial upgrades, or a homeowner doing some remodeling, one thing is certain: you will find the hinges you’re looking for. HardwareSource carries the widest selection of hinge styles and finishes anywhere from quality manufacturers like Soss, Baldwin, Blum, Truth, Tectus, Hager and Stanley. Everything is in stock and ready for immediate delivery to you. Easily order online, by phone, fax, or mail.

HardwareSource offers everything from plain steel butt hinges to flip-flop table hinges, antique icebox hinges, and modern refrigerator hinges. You’ll find a huge array of architectural hinges in a full range of finishes. Plus specialty hinges for storm doors, card tables, sewing machines, jewelry boxes, pianos, glass doors, mirrors, and drop-leaf tables. We carry a whopping 4,000 different hinges in various styles, sizes and finishes. If you need something as exotic as an “invisible” hinge, or a hard-to-find Hoosier hinge, our only question is: “How many?”

Once you find the hinge you need, you may wonder what finishes it’s available in or what size and type of screws it takes. Are the screws included? And what’s the size of the overlay, inset, or joint length? That’s why we provide all pertinent information you’d want to have before placing your order. It’s clear, concise, and complete, so you can be sure that what you get will be precisely what you need.

If you know the hinge SKU or part number, type it in our Search box and press enter to pull it up and place your order online quickly. Need assistance finding a hinge? As your trusted hinge and hardware supplier we are here to help! You can call us at 1-858-322-6353 or email us at info@HardwareSource.com. We answer all emails promptly!

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