Entertainment Center Hinges

  • Overlay Pivot Hinge

    $739 Per Pair
  • 270 Degree Hinge

    From $733 Each
  • Ball Tipped No-Mortise Wrap Hinge

    $642 Each
  • 270 Degree Overlay Hinge

    From $1697 Each
  • 2" 270 Degree Hinge

    $772 Each
  • 270 Degree Casework Hinge, Stainless Steel

    $1050 Each
  • 270 Degree Hinge with Ball Tips

    $360 Each
  • 3/4" Wrap Around Steeple Tipped Hinge

    From $688 Each
  • 3/4" Double Wrap Hinges

    From $552 Each
  • No Mortise Cabinet Hinge, Satin Nickel

    $602 Each
  • 3" Non-Mortise Hinge

    From $363 Each
  • Lift-Off Hinge with Bent Leaf

    From $1960 Each
  • Pivot Door Slide

    From $6647 Per Set
  • Heavy Duty Pivot Door Slides

    From $9546 Per Pair
  • Hinge Carrier Strip for Heavy Duty Pivot Door Slides

    $3343 Per Set
  • Non-Face Frame Overlay Hinge Kit

    $4229 Per Set
  • Type 1 Hinge Kit for Heavy Duty Pivot Door Slides

    $5463 Per Set
  • Type 2 Hinge Kit for Heavy Duty Pivot Door Slides, Black

    $4884 Per Set
  • Aximat Full Overlay 270 Degree Hinge, Black

    $1460 Each
  • Mepla 270 Degree Institutional Hinge

    $2504 Per Bundle
  • Aximat Half Overlay 240 Degree Hinge

    $1235 Each
  • Aximat Full Overlay 270 Degree Hinge, Nickel

    $1044 Each

When it comes to hard-to-find hinges you won't be able to locate at your local hardware store, you are sure to find them here. HardwareSource proudly offers a large selection of entertainment center hardware that can help you restore any old armoire to its former glory. We offer one of the largest collections of entertainment center hinges made by quality manufacturers, such as Amerock and Glass. You can utilize our Shopping Options column to search by finish group, base material cabinet type, overlay dimension, and price to find the perfect solution for your media cabinet.

Whether you are in the process of repurposing your old entertainment center or you are trying to give it a new and improved look, you came to the right place. Our selection is stocked with a wide variety of entertainment cabinet hinges that can help you restore yours in little to no time at all. Entertainment center hinges, also known as 270-degree hinges, allow cabinet doors to open wide enough for you to easily see your television screen. These hinges have a wide opening angle to ensure that the cabinet doors don't obstruct the view. We offer hinges for overlay dimensions ranging from 13/32" to 5/8" for your convenience.

Many of our entertainment center door hinges are available in multiple finishes to match surrounding hinges and hardware, including black, brass, bronze, and pewter tones, just to name a few. Some hinges even come fully equipped with decorative finial tips to provide added style to cabinet doors. In this category, you will also find a selection of pivot door slides, which are track systems that allow cabinet doors to pivot open and slide back into the sides of the cabinet.

As wall-mounted TVs become ubiquitous, the need for entertainment centers is quickly vanishing. However, your old entertainment center can be converted into a number of clever projects that are useful throughout the home. You can transform that drab and tired cabinet into a home office complete with desk or a bar for entertaining guests. Alternatively, you can turn that ancient armoire into a craft center for scrapbooking, sewing, or anything under the sun. Anything is possible as long as you have the right hardware on hand.

Shop from our selection of entertainment center hinges today to find what you need for an affordable price. If you have any questions about this selection or would like help finding a specific product in our inventory, please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance.