• Soss Light Duty Concealed Hinges

    From $1830 Per Pair
  • Soss Medium Duty Concealed Hinges

    From $1852 Each
  • Soss Spring Closer Hinge

    From $15194 Each
  • Soss Concealed Barrel Hinge

    From $298 Each
  • Soss Heavy Duty Concealed Hinges

    From $5375 Each
  • Router Guides For Soss Hinges

    From $3321 Each
  • Router Guide Bushing & Locknut

    $2999 Each
  • Soss #518 Wide Throw Wrap Around Invisible Hinge

    From $33018 Each
  • Soss Extra Light Duty Concealed Hinges

    From $1803 Per Pair
  • Soss 316 Stainless Steel Medium Duty Hinge

    From $25592 Each
  • Soss Stainless Steel Light Duty Concealed Hinge

    From $8902 Each
  • Soss Four Hinge Router Guide System

    $21422 Per Set
  • Soss Three Hinge Router Guide System

    $18033 Per Set

Trends come and go in the design industry, but invisible hardware isn't one of them. More than a century in the making, SOSS is widely recognized as an industry-leading name brand in the manufacturing of concealed hardware. HardwareSource proudly offers a wide selection of SOSS door hinges for residential remodels and new construction applications alike, providing you with plenty of options to make your installation as smooth as possible. Whether you are looking for a small plate size or a wide opening angle, we can help you find what you need to get the job done correctly and quickly.

If you appreciate clean lines and hardware that stays out of the way, you can never go wrong with choosing SOSS hinges for your home. Hinges are a vulnerable point on some doors, which can be used by burglars to gain entry into your dwelling. To keep your family members safe and secure, you should consider switching to invisible hinges. Typical butt hinges can be removed by using a hammer and screwdriver, but an invisible hinge is more tamper-resistant and able to reduce the risk of break-ins. Plus, invisible hinges won't snag on clothes or require much maintenance or many repairs over time, so you can maximize your investment. Every invisible hinge is made of high-strength plated steel, heavy-duty zinc alloy castings, and reinforced nylon at wear points for long life.

When it comes to light applications of fine woodworking projects, you may just find the solution you need in our selection of SOSS hardware. In addition to concealed hinges, we also carry an assortment of spring closer hinges, concealed barrel hinges, and router guides to make installation a breeze. The closure rate of these invisible spring closers is adjustable with an Allen wrench after installation. All barrel hinges come with an adjustable tensioning screw.

You can get the perfect installation every time by investing in a router guide, which allows you to cut both the shallow and deep mortise required to accurately install your new SOSS hinges. We offer a variety of finishes to help you complement any existing tones in your home, including black, satin brass, and satin chrome. If you have a specific look in mind for your build, use our Shopping Options column to narrow your search by desired features. If you have any questions about SOSS door hinges or need help finding a specific product, please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance.