Gate Latches, Locks, & Bolts

  • Lockey Mechanical Keyless Combination Lever Lock

    From $29483 Each
  • Lockey Mechanically Attached Gate Box

    $12557 Each
  • Gate Box for Lockey Brand Locks

    From $7417 Each
  • Locinox Vinci Surface Mounted Mechnical Code Lock

    $62999 Each
  • Locinox Vinci Free Exit Mechanical Code Lock

    $49990 Each
  • Locinox Valentino Surface Mounted Battery Powered Code Lock

    $69406 Each
  • Locinox MAG Electromagnetic Lock With Integrated Handles

    $24280 Each
  • Locinox MAGMAG Electromagnetic Lock

    $21559 Each
  • Locinox FortiMa SD-K Magnetic Child Safety Swimming Pool Gate Latch

    $6120 Each
  • Locinox Luky Gate Lock with Mortise Cylinder, Black Swirl Handle

    From $12984 Each
  • Locinox Luky Gate Lock with Mortise Cylinder, Black Tube Handle

    From $12588 Each
  • Locinox Surface Mounted Sliding Gate Lock

    From $13824
  • Locinox Luky Gate Lock with Mortise Cylinder, Silver Straight Handle

    From $12984 Each
  • Locinox Stainless Steel Keeper for Sliding Gate Lock

    $5394 Each
  • Series 3 MagnaLatch

    From $6004 Each
  • LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock

    From $8064 Each
  • Key Lockable LokkLatch Gate Latch

    From $2289 Each
  • LokkLatch Gate Latch for Round Posts

    $4070 Each
  • MagnaLatch, Side Pull Model

    From $2289 Each
  • LokkLatch Deluxe Gate Latch

    From $7347 Each
  • EZ Gate Latch Pull

    $2371 Each
  • Top Mount Gate Latch

    From $1013 Each
  • Duplicate Key for D & D Technologies Locks

    $299 Each
  • Bar Type Gate Latch

    From $1052 Each
  • Locinox Drill-fix Drilling Jig

    $7264 Each
  • Baldwin Modern Gate Lever

    From $15100 Each
  • Stainless Steel Gate Bolt

    From $1125 Each
  • Extra Large Gravity Gate Latch

    From $1756 Each
  • Heavy Duty Gate Latch

    From $2758 Each
  • Surface Mounted Rim Lock with Long Throw

    From $10022 Each
  • Post Mount Gate Latch, Shark Style

    $1689 Each
  • Gate Slide Bolt, Black

    $1192 Each
  • Stainless Steel Automatic Gate Latch

    $1997 Each
  • Suffolk Gate Latch

    From $4289 Each
  • Key Lockable LokkLatch with External Access

    From $3907 Each
  • Right Angle Padlock Eyes

    $742 Per Pair
  • Locinox Chain Link Tension Bar for LUKY Locks

    $852 Each
  • Baldwin Dutch Door Bolt

    $11000 Each
  • Locinox Push Handle

    $8596 Each
  • Locinox Round Adapter Plate for LA & LS Locks

    $854 Each
  • Locinox Quick Fix Bolt Set

    $836 Per Pair
  • Stainless Steel Mini Slide Bolt

    $1440 Each
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Slide Bolt

    $2864 Each
  • Solid Bronze Ring Turn Bar Latch

    $38300 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Key-In Thick Kit

    From $600 Per Kit
  • Gate Latch with Cable

    From $679 Each
  • Round Post Adapter Kit for Series 3 MagnaLatch

    $2016 Per Set
  • Stainless Steel Slide Bolt Latch

    $1187 Each
  • Looking for a way to boost your home's curb appeal? First impressions start at the front gate. Whether you have recently installed a new gate or you are in the process of freshening up an old workhorse, well-coordinated hardware can give your gate an extra touch of class. Every time you reach for the gate latch, the way it looks and feels beneath your hands will remind you that you are finally home. HardwareSource has all your needs covered with a large selection of gate bolts, latches, and locks. We keep our inventory stocked with a wide variety of spring action latches, key lockable latches, thumb latches, magnetic latches, ring turn latches, and so much more.

    Gate locks and latches are often forgotten about or left as an afterthought when it comes to styling a home, but they fall into a category of essential landscape elements. A gate latch is designed to keep the gate of a fence or wall secure in the closed position. Some latches are key-locking while others can simply be locked with a padlock or another device. Gate bolts and locks can make any area more secure and hard to access, which is ideal for anyone who has young children, pets, or livestock. Let the architecture of your home guide the choices you make in designing your gate.

    What kind of gate solution do you need?

    Bolt: This old-school style of latch may be simple and straightforward but it has a distinct sense of style. This traditional deadbolt design works by sliding the rod into the securing bolt that then clasps the gate in place.

    Lever: A lever latch works when you lift lever handle up to release the arm from the catch, allowing the gate or door to swing open. These latches can be used on in-swinging or out-swinging gates and some are lockable.

    Ring-Type: This two-sided latch is operable from either side of the gate and can be used on in-swinging or out-swinging gates. A ring-type latch works when you turn the ring on either side, which lifts the arm out of the catch.

    Thumb: A thumb-style latch is always installed as a double-sided mechanism for in-swinging gates and works when you depress the thumb that's mounted on the decorative plate to lift the latch arm and open the gate.

    Shopping for your farm or ranch? We offer a variety of spring-loaded animal bolts, throw-over loop latches for double gates, heavy-duty barn door latches, and stall-type latches for livestock enclosures. No matter the kind of gate you have at home, we can help you find a safe and secure solution for a competitive price.

    Which material works with your existing fence?

    Our latches are made from a variety of base materials, including brass, bronze, iron, stainless steel, and steel. With design styles ranging from simple to ornamental, you'll be sure to find the perfect gate latch for your gate. We offer a wide range of metal finishes, so you can find a solution that complements your existing hardware or gives your gate a touch of sophistication. Bronze is one of the most popular finishes we carry, because it captures the look of old-world, rustic charm. Galvanized zinc is also commonly used for contemporary fencing, because its silvery appearance looks great against chain link, metal, vinyl, and wood fence materials.

    In this category, we also carry an assortment of slide bolts, barrel bolts, padlock eyes, dummy rings, ornamental thumb latches, and hasps. All of our gate door latches and locks are in stock and ready to ship, so you can get what you need in little to no time at all and finish up your project with total confidence. If you have any questions about our selection of gate locks, latches, and bolts, please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance.