Amesbury Truth

  • Truth Entrygard Dual Arm Casement Operator

    From $3597 Each
  • Handle for Casement Operator

    From $878 Each
  • Regular Plastic Cover

    From $579 Each
  • Truth SafeGard Casement Window Opening Control Device

    From $9165 Each
  • Screws for Truth Hardware

    From $025 Each
  • Truth Tango Handle & Cover Set

    $1995 Each
  • Truth 13.5" Casement Operator

    From $3667 Each
  • Truth Encore Dual Arm Operator, Sill Mount

    $4244 Each
  • Truth Loop Type Crank Handle for Window Operators

    From $3331 Each
  • Truth Clerestory Pole Crank

    $31500 Each
  • Concealed Awning Hinge

    From $4424 Per Pair
  • Truth Sash Window Lock

    $1883 Each
  • Truth 39 Series Patio Door Roller Assembly

    From $1999 Each
  • Truth Male 5/8" Hex Driver Adapter For Window Operators

    $2531 Each
  • Truth Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 4 Bar Hinge (301 Series)

    From $4563 Each
  • Truth Sliding Door Lock

    From $2410 Each
  • Window Track for Casement Operator

    From $1264 Each
  • Folding Casement Handle

    From $2239 Each
  • Truth Awning Operator, Crank Type

    $8682 Each
  • Truth Stud Bracket

    From $456 Each
  • Truth Motor for Sentry II WLS

    $32824 Each
  • Truth Casement Window Track

    From $685 Each
  • Truth Traditional Style Dyad Operator

    $3590 Each
  • Truth Encore Awning Window Operator

    $4397 Each
  • Truth Stud Bracket

    $482 Each
  • Stainless Concealed Casement Hinge, 10" Track

    $5067 Per Pair
  • Truth Blind Mount Dyad Casement Operator

    $4200 Each
  • Truth 9.5" Casement Operator

    From $3544 Each
  • Truth Single Arm Casement Operator, Front Mount

    From $5500 Each
  • Truth Angle Drive Skylight Operator

    $17000 Each
  • Truth Guide Bar Style Awning Operator, Crank Type

    From $7258 Each
  • Stainless Steel Screw #7 x 3/4"

    $009 Each
  • Truth Skylight Chain

    $7778 Each
  • Truth Casement Window Lock

    From $1738 Each
  • Truth Straight Drive Skylight Operator

    $18722 Each
  • Truth Mirage Locking System

    $3615 Per Set
  • T-Handle for Window Operators

    From $1058 Each
  • Truth Sash Hook for Awning Operators

    $333 Each
  • Switch Plate for Truth Sentry II

    From $8776 Each
  • Truth 6" Casement Operator

    From $5853 Each
  • Truth Cam Handle Window Lock

    From $1023 Each
  • Truth Keepers For Sash Window Locks

    $399 Each
  • Truth Single Arm Entrygard Operator

    $7100 Each
  • Truth Skylight Pole with Hook

    $15048 Each
  • Truth Entrygard Dyad Casement Operator

    $6300 Each
  • Truth Awning Single Pull Lever Operator

    $15000 Each
  • Plastic Cover for Truth Sentry II

    $2922 Each
  • Contour Operator Handle

    $699 Each

Shopping online for hardware can be daunting and stressful. However, HardwareSource makes it as easy as possible to find what you need to dress up the doors and windows in your home. We keep our inventory stocked with nothing but the highest quality products made by trusted brands, such as AmesburyTruth Hardware. Since 1955, Truth Hardware has been the destination for door and window parts as well as operating hardware for windows, patio doors, and skylights. We proudly offer a wide selection of hinges, operators, and parts in a wide variety of finishes.

There is a very good chance that the door and window hardware in your home was made in Owatonna, MN, where AmesburyTruth Hardware has been designing and manufacturing parts for more than 60 years. This rich heritage in hardware began when a local prefabricated home company came to Truth in need of push bar operators for the awning windows used inside their homes. Truth engineers designed a non-rotary type operator as a solution and patented it as the Lever Lock. To this day, Truth's window operators set the industry standard for quality.

What kind of windows do you have in your home?

Both awning and casement windows are commonly referred to as crank windows, but there are several distinct differences between them. Although both types of windows open outward, awning windows are hinged at the top and can only open upward whereas casement windows are hinged at the side and open to the left or the right. Sash windows are very common in contemporary homes, and they are made of movable panels that are designed to hold glass panes in place. No matter what kind of windows you have in your home, we can help you find the best solution.

Casement Windows: We offer a variety of casement hardware and operators, many of which are made of high-grade stainless steel to ensure corrosion resistance in coastal regions and other demanding environments. Our vast selection of casement hinges includes four-bar hinges, concealed hinges, and egress hinges for windows that need to open at 90 degrees for fire escape access. We also offer an array of casement operators in various sizes and finishes, with either single or dual arms. In need of keepers, covers, clips, handles, or tracks? You are sure to find them here!

Awning Windows: With an assortment of awning hardware at the ready, finding the right hinge or window operator is easier than ever before. We supply concealed, single-pull, dual-pull, guide bar style, and crank-type operators, just to name a few. We also carry replacement shoe studs, sliders, handles, hex ball drives, and sash hooks as well as a wide range of hinge sizes, ranging from 8 to 28 inches.

Skylights: In this selection of window hardware, you will find both angle and straight drive operators compatible with wood, metal, or vinyl framed skylights. Truth's skylight operators are easy to install and simple to use. If you are looking for a sleek and quiet solution for your skylight, look no further than the Sentry II WLS Motor System. We also carry manual operators with various handle or pole crank options. If you are in need of any replacement parts for your skylight, you may find an ideal solution in our assortment of spare parts, including chains, rain sensors, cranks, and more.

In addition to heavy-duty hardware, we offer a number of spare parts for AmesburyTruth Hardware hinges and operators. Here, you can stock up on sash locks, sash lifts, operator extensions, adapters, motors, stud brackets, screws, and much more for a great price. If you have any questions about Truth Hardware products, please feel free to contact us for more information.