Gate Cane Bolts

  • Locinox Keydrop Keyed Locking Drop Bolt

    $5278 Each
  • Locinox Electrical Drop Bolt Electradrop

    $62453 Each
  • Lockable Heavy Duty Cane Bolt

    $3238 Each
  • Heavy Duty Cane Bolt

    From $2851 Each
  • 24" Stainless Steel Cane Bolt

    $11347 Each
  • Medium Duty Cane Bolt

    From $878 Each
  • Extra Heavy Duty Cane Bolt

    $4023 Each
  • Qbolt Cane Bolt

    From $3894 Each
  • Locinox Hot Dipped Galvanized Dropbolt

    $2436 Each
  • Solid Bronze Cane Bolt, 20"

    $32600 Each
  • Square Rod Cane Bolt

    $6010 Each
  • LokkBolt Locking Cane Bolt

    From $7107 Each
  • Heart Style Cane Bolt, 18"

    $6995 Each
  • Black Iron Cane Bolt

    $5699 Each
  • 5/8 Inch Chain Bolt

    $2311 Each
  • Locinox EGS Ground Catch For Drop Bolts

    $1588 Each
  • Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Cane Bolt

    From $699 Each

Are you trying to make your property more secure? One way you can restrict entry into your backyard or any outside space is by anchoring your double swing, manually operated gate. HardwareSource proudly offers a large cane bolt collection filled with stylish and affordable options to suit any particular set of needs. We keep our inventory stocked with top-of-the-line products made by us and other trusted gate hardware manufacturers, such as D&D Technologies.

Cane bolts, otherwise known as gate anchors or drop bolts, are widely used to keep exterior doors or gates closed and open. You can even think of them as a large, more robust version of a barrel bolt. These specialty bolts are not handed, which means that they will work on both left-hand and right-hand gates. A gate cane bolt may be necessary for any double gate, but it can also be used any time your gate needs to be anchored in the opened or closed position. With a wide variety of base materials and finishes at your fingertips, including bronze and steel, finding the precise look and level of quality you want is easier than ever before.

Are you shopping for a metal, vinyl, or wood gate?

LokkBolt cane bolts made by D&D Technologies are precision engineered to provide long-lasting privacy and security in a superbly stylish drop bolt for all types of gates, especially double driveway gates. Despite being quick and simple to install on many gate and fence materials, we offer specialty anchors made just for metal gates or wood and vinyl gates. Every LokkBolt features a tough polymer construction and the rod is made from 316-grade stainless steel. The Q-Bolt is made entirely of stainless steel that undergoes an electro-polishing process to make it even more rust resistant before it is powder-coated. You can use the Q-Bolt along with a padlock for added security.

If you are looking for a spring-loaded cane bolt lock, we have you covered. Not only will a spring-loaded brake hold the bolt in any position but it can also be used to keep the gate from swinging or sagging. To release the bolt, you just push down on the lever. Spring-loaded gate anchors are commonly used to secure livestock gates and heavy-duty swing gates. Each spring-loaded bolt comes with all the mounting hardware you will need to install on a round gate frame, such as U-bolts, nuts, washers, or screws. Fasteners may be required for flat gate frames. We also offer a flat friction spring-loaded bolt that comes with three different strikes for three different installation types: edge, surface, and jamb.

Do you live in a coastal area or an environment where high wind and extreme conditions exist? Our solid bronze cane bolt will not deteriorate and has a living finish, which means that it will age gracefully and develop a patina over time. Our heart-style gate cane bolt will make a charming addition to any old-world gate. In addition to lockable gate cane bolts, we also offer spring-loaded chain bolts and other cane bolt lock options to help you make your home more secure.

When it comes to gate cane bolt finishes and sizes you can't find at your local hardware store, you will surely find them here. Our cane bolt sizes range from 14 to 48 inches. If you have any questions about gate hardware or would like help from one of our friendly hardware experts, please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Chat online with one of our representatives while you shop or you can feel free to call and email us for additional information.