Door & Gate Clavos

  • Solid Bronze Round Clavos

    From $1100 Each
  • Solid Bronze Square Clavos

    From $1100 Each
  • Round Iron Clavos

    From $495 Each
  • Square Iron Clavos

    From $594 Each
  • Pyramid Clavos

    From $400 Each
  • Round Clavos

    From $400 Each
  • Square Clavos

    From $417 Each
  • Square Door Clavos

    From $495 Each
  • Resin Door Clavos

    $369 Each

Are you looking for decorative accents to dress up your doors, gates, and cabinets? HardwareSource offers a unique solution in the form of clavos. A clavo, otherwise known as the Spanish word for nail, is a type of decorative stud that features a rustic nail head. Unlike the furniture tacks you may be familiar with, door and gate clavos are sturdier and better equipped for exterior applications. Whether you specialize in residential construction or you are simply looking for a beautiful finishing touch to give your home's exterior a boost, you are sure to find the perfect solution right here!

We offer an array of clavos to suit any need!

Not only do we offer a wide variety of finishes and shapes, but our decorative door studs are made from several different materials, including bronze, iron, and resin. Bronze is beloved for having a living finish, which means that your bronze door studs will age gracefully in their natural state and develop a pleasing patina over time. Bronze also holds up well in coastal and other harsh environments, because it does not deteriorate or succumb to corrosion.

Iron is an ideal material if you want to complement your home's old-world aesthetic and style. Iron is extremely strong and resilient, which makes it no surprise why it is commonly used to make fencing and gates. We proudly supply forged iron accents with a black finish to replicate the distinctive look of wrought iron for your home.

We also offer an array of door clavos made of resin, which won't rust, corrode, or stain over time. Our resin studs mimic the look of forged iron. Many of the decorative door studs that we supply come with welded-on nails to make installation as easy as possible. In fact, all you need to do is pre-drill a hole and gently push the clavo into the wood. We recommend drilling a test hole in a piece of scrap lumber to get the correct size drill bit before you proceed. We don't recommend using a hammer, but you can use a rubber mallet to lightly tap the stud in.

There are many ways you can use decorative nails!

We keep our inventory fully stocked with a variety of decorative nail studs ranging from 5/8" to 2" in size as well as an assortment of round and square shapes to ensure that you find the perfect solution for your cabinets, doors, furniture, gates, or woodworking projects. You can even use them to hide unsightly screw heads. Screw-type studs will give you the option of removing them in order to refinish a piece of furniture, which is perfect for repurposing flea market finds.

Just remember that clavos are for decoration only and should not be used in place of traditional nails. You can combine our decorative door clavos with our dummy straps and grilles to achieve a complete old-world appearance. We know how daunting it can be to determine the type of door or gate clavos that will suit your particular set of needs. Luckily, we offer more than 125 years of experience supplying hardware and we can steer you in the right direction. Please feel free to call 1-858-322-6353, email, or chat online with one of our experts while you shop.