Door Stops & Holders

  • Overhead Door Holder & Stop

    From $8596 Each
  • 1" Wall Bumper

    From $575 Each
  • Spring Door Holder

    From $1850 Each
  • Adjustable Hinge Pin Door Stop

    From $860 Each
  • Stainless Steel Floor Mount Door Stop

    From $1370 Each
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Door Stop

    From $3274 Each
  • Extra Tall Door Stop, 8"

    $11877 Each
  • Round Polycarbonate Magnetic Door Holder

    $1400 Each
  • Extra Tall Door Stop, 6"

    From $9079 Each
  • Hinge Pin Door Stop

    From $1140 Each
  • Classic Door Stop

    From $1600 Each
  • Foot Bolt

    $2311 Each
  • Fantom Concealed Magnetic Door Stop

    From $2595 Each
  • Round Universal Floor Bumper

    $1947 Each
  • Gooseneck Floor Door Stop

    From $3035 Each
  • 8" Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Door Stop

    From $10511 Each
  • Floor Mounted Bumper

    From $5315 Each
  • Low Profile Dome Stop

    From $923 Each
  • Extendable Baseboard Door Stop

    $1897 Each
  • Wall Mounted Stop with Holder

    From $5315 Each
  • Modern Square Baseboard Stop

    $2530 Each
  • High Dome Half Button Door Stop

    $5250 Each
  • Magnetic Door Holder Solid Brass

    From $2628 Each
  • Kickdown Door Holder, 7"

    $5063 Each
  • Modern Floor Bumper

    $3290 Each
  • Contemporary Cube Floor Door Stop

    $3035 Each
  • Heavy Duty Modern Door Bumper

    $6325 Each
  • Low Dome Half Button Door Stop

    $4980 Each
  • Square Plastic Magnetic Door Holder

    From $1200 Each
  • Chain Door Restraint with Springs

    $5851 Each
  • Door Stop with Hook & Eye, 3"

    From $4867 Each
  • Low Profile Magnetic Door Holder

    From $4950 Each
  • Mini Duck Door Stop

    From $1330 Each
  • Super Wedge Door Stop

    $1166 Each
  • Bronze Goose Neck Door Stop

    $6540 Each
  • Solid Bronze Baseboard Door Stop

    From $4560 Each

A door stop may very well be one of the hardest working pieces of hardware in your home. Nothing else can stop a doorknob from poking a hole in the drywall but investing in these key pieces of hardware is often left as an afterthought in the grand scheme of fixtures. However, HardwareSource hopes to change all that. We offer a selection of modern door stops that will blend seamlessly with your existing hardware and make wall damage a thing of the past. With an array of finishes and materials to choose from, finding the right solution will be easier than ever before.

A door stop is designed to restrict the opening angle of a door in order to prevent damage to the surrounding walls and surfaces. There are two common types of door stops: those that mount on a hinge pin and those that mount to the wall. The first type, a hinge door stop, installs under the top of the hinge pin on your door hinge. Hinge pin door stops usually come equipped with rubber bumpers to protect the door and molding around the door jamb. The second type, a wall door stop, is usually attached to the baseboard of a wall to maintain a safe distance between the door and the wall.

Magnetic door holders are designed to hold doors in the open position until they are pulled closed. One advantage to choosing a magnetic stop is that it can be attached to the floor in a vertical position or attached to the wall in a horizontal position. We carry Sugatsune's magnetic door holders in polycarbonate and plastic, each with its own pull strength.

If you are looking for a low-profile stop that won't stick out like a sore thumb, our dome stop may be the perfect solution for you. This small and simple door stop features a clean design and multiple finish options to suit any taste. We carry low-profile magnetic door holders, allowing for a less obtrusive way to hold doors open. We also offer overhead holders and stops that will remain out sight and out of mind.

Whether you are looking for a hinge door stop or a wall door stop, we have all your needs covered right here. We also keep our inventory stocked with an assortment of foot bolts, chain door restraints, and other door accessories. Shop from our selection of modern door stops today to find a solution that works for your home. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.