• Anselmi AN 170 3D Adjustable Concealed Hinge

    $4200 Each
  • Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors

    From $10050 Each $13400
  • Tectus TE 240 3D for 1-3/8" Thick Doors

    From $8775 Each $11700
  • Simonswerk Universal Milling Frame

    $54560 Each $68200
  • Anselmi Routing Template for AN 170 3D Hinges

    $8800 Each
  • Anselmi Hinge Fixing Plate, Zinc Plated

    $1500 Each
  • Routing Template for Tectus TE 340 3D

    $6000 Each $7500
  • Routing Template for Tectus TE 240 3D

    $7040 Each $8800

At HardwareSource, we pride ourselves in providing the widest selection of hinges you can find anywhere online, with products from only the best in the hardware business. For over 125 years, SIMONSWERK has earned a reputation as one of the most well-known manufacturers of door hinges and hinge systems for heavy-duty, residential, and entrance doors. Through its commitment to high-quality standards, this world-renowned brand addresses many of the problems that our customers face with custom cabinetry, commercial building, and other specialty applications. We proudly have a vast selection of SIMONSWERK hinges and accessories. Best of all, we ship most orders by the next business day!

You have probably heard of TECTUS, the concealed hinge system for flush doors that has mesmerized architects and designers alike. What makes this hinge system particularly attractive to building contractors is that it can be used on timber, steel, and aluminum frames. We offer the TECTUS universal milling frame, which makes installation of TECTUS hinge systems as fast and easy as possible. With the help of a jig, the universal milling frame clamps directly to the door or frame to hold the TECTUS routing template in perfect alignment. We do not include any templates with the universal milling frame, but they are available for purchase at checkout.

We also offer a variety of SIMONSWERK hinges for thick doors. What sets these hinges apart is that they are completely concealed when the door is closed. They are also adjustable in three dimensions after installation. Every hinge manufactured by SIMONSWERK is cast in an aluminum alloy and black plates are made of powder-coated steel for superior resistance to corrosion. Available sizes range from 1 3/8" to 1 3/4". 1 3/8" hinges are rated for 88 pounds per pair, whereas the 1 3/4" hinges are rated for 175 pounds per pair. Both hinge types open up to 180 degrees.

In addition to SIMONSWERK hinged, we also supply router bits for use with the TECTUS router template. Each straight bit features a carbide tip and tempered steel shank. We offer a 1/2" router bit for SKU# 909204 template and the 3/4" router bit for the SKU# 909206 template. TECTUS TE routing templates are sold in two parts, and each part is sold separately. The frame side template for TECTUS TE 240 3D is made for mortising the frame and the door side template is made for mortising the door. One template for TECTUS TE 340 3D is made for the outside flange of the hinge and the other is made for the middle depth of the hinge. No matter what your particular set of needs may be, we can help you find the perfect solution.

When it comes to the completely concealed hinge system you want, SIMONSWERK provides the ultimate solution in TECTUS. Our friendly and experienced hinge experts are standing by to help if you have any questions or concerns while shopping with us today. Simply call 1-858-322-6353 or email We answer all emails as quickly as we can. You can also chat online with one of our customer service representatives for additional information or further assistance. Let us know how we can help you today!