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We understand that identifying a hinge or knowing which hinge to choose can be confusing and technical. Our staff of hinge experts, also known as The Hinge Helpers, are here to guide you through thev process and help you get exactly the right hinges for your job. Send us photos of your hinges, call us or send us your questions. We’re happy to help.


3 Options for getting quick help identifying your hinge
Use our helpful form to upload 3 photos of your installed hinge

Photos are worth a thousand words. Send us 3 photos of your hinge, as installed in the door (uninstalled hinge photos are not helpful, especially for European style hinges).

Photo Instructions:

Photo #1

from outside the door (door in closed position, even if hinge is a concealed hinge).

Photo #2

your hinge with the door in the fully open position.

Photo #3

a close up of your hinge.

*If the hinges are off the door, have someone hold the door in the requested positions while you take the photos.

If you have any problem with our form you can send your photos to info@HardwareSource.com.

1 Outside the door
2 Door Open
3 Close Up

Finder Form

( outside )
( open )
( close up )
Find My Hinge!
Don’t have a digital camera? Send us Your Hinge.

If you don’t have a digital camera then you can SEND US YOUR HINGE. If you send us your hinge and you want it back, you must include a pre-paid, pre-addressed mailer (US Mail only).

Send your hinge to:
Hardware Source Hinge Finders
5710 Kearny Villa Rd. Suite A,
San Diego, CA 92123
Call Us!

Call and ask for one of our Hinge Helpers at 1-858-322-6353. It is best if you can be on your computer so we can direct you to your hinges online.