Specialty Finial Tipped Hinges

  • Brusso Ball Tipped Brass Butt Hinge

    From $3197 Per Pair
  • Ball Tipped Solid Brass Hinge

    From $1549 Per Pair
  • Solid Brass Ball Tipped Hinge

    From $1300 Each
  • Finial Tipped Hinge

    From $2676 Each
  • Solid Brass Steeple Tipped Hinge

    From $1300 Each
  • Solid Brass Crown Tipped Hinge

    From $1850 Each
  • Steel Ball Tipped Hinge, 2"

    From $659 Per Pair
  • Steel Ball Tipped Hinge, 2-7/16"

    From $882 Per Pair
  • Steel Ball Tipped Hinge, 1-15/16"

    From $793 Per Pair
  • 3/4" Wrap Around Steeple Tipped Hinge

    From $688 Each
  • Ball Tipped No-Mortise Wrap Hinge

    $642 Each
  • No Mortise Cabinet Hinge, Satin Nickel

    $602 Each
  • 4" Finial Tipped No-Mortise Hinge

    $623 Each
  • Solid Brass Ball Tipped No-Mortise Hinge

    $2689 Per Pair
  • Solid Brass Steeple Tipped No-Mortise Hinge

    $2689 Per Pair
  • No-Mortise Hinge with Finial Tips, Bronze

    $400 Per Pair
  • Steel No-Mortise Hinge

    From $270 Each
  • Steeple Tipped No-Mortise Hinge

    From $1400 Each
  • No-Mortise Hinges With Finial Tip

    From $199 Each
  • Ball Tipped No-Mortise Hinge

    From $1400 Each
  • Finial Tipped Flag Hinge

    From $1297 Each
  • 12" Finial Tipped Armoire Hinge

    From $5613 Each
  • Bronze Plated Finial Tipped Drive-In Hinge

    $499 Each

When you visit an older home, sometimes even the tiniest details can leave a lasting impression. Some of the most lasting design choices for anyone who appreciates antiquity and timeless style are made in the hardware chosen to decorate doors and other openings. Finial-tipped hinges can add a touch of elegance and rich detail to any fixture in your home. At HardwareSource, we offer an extensive selection of finial hinges for specialty projects and everyday applications. Whether you are in the middle of renovating a historic house or you simply want to dress up your kitchen cabinets with a touch of old-world sophistication, we have all your needs covered right here in our finial hinge collection.

We keep our inventory stocked with finial no-mortise hinges that can be used to decorate anything from boxes to doors. No-mortise hinges such as these take up much less space than butt hinges, and they do not require a recess to be cut in the frame of the door where they need to be installed. Although most finial-tipped hinges take on a historical look and feel, we also offer an array of modern finial hinges that don't require any mortising for installation. We also carry an assortment of hinges for armoires, full inset doors, lift-off doors, and so much more.

Our selection of finial hinges features a wide range of base materials to choose from for your particular project, including brass, cast metal, and steel. Every hardware material has its own distinct benefits depending on the look you want and the environment in which it will be used. Solid brass is beloved for its warm, aged appearance but it is also durable and naturally resistant to corrosion. Our brass hinges are available in a wide variety of finishes, including black, oil-rubbed bronze, iron, copper, polished chrome or nickel, and satin nickel, just to name a few. We also offer a handful of hinges made of steel. As one of the world's most widely used materials, steel has proven to be a cost-effective and dependable choice for commercial or residential hardware.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about finial flush hinges or standard hinges. Our hardware experts are happy to help you find the right product for your application. Call, email, or chat online with us while you shop!