Specialty Desk Hinges

  • Metal Drop Flap Hinge

    $997 Each
  • 30mm All Metal Flap Hinge

    $1497 Each
  • Hettich Flap Hinge

    $1589 Each
  • 30mm Plastic & Metal Flap Hinge

    $551 Each
  • White Nylon Drop Flap Hinge

    $699 Each
  • 2-1/2" Square Butler Tray Table Hinge

    $959 Each
  • 2-3/4" Butler Tray Table Hinge

    $3510 Each
  • 2-3/4" Rounded Butler Tray Table Hinge

    $2910 Each
  • 3" Butler Tray Table Hinge

    $959 Each
  • Butler Tray Table Hinge, 2-29/32"

    From $2939 Per Pair
  • Rounded Butler Tray Table Hinge 3" Polished Stainless Steel

    $975 Each
  • Butler Tray Table Hinge, 3-1/4", Polished Stainless

    $1195 Each
  • Butler Tray Table Hinge, 3", Polished Stainless

    $1075 Each
  • Butler Tray Table Hinge 2" Stainless Steel

    $895 Each
  • Stainless Flush Hatch Door Hinge

    $795 Each
  • Sewing Machine Hinge

    From $299 Each
  • Antique Brass Desk Hinge

    $5248 Per Pair
  • Back Flap Hinge, Zinc

    From $1058 Per Pair
  • Marine Ladder Hinge 316 Stainless Steel

    $3630 Per Pair
  • Secretary Desk Hinge

    $1738 Each
  • Hettich Markant Flap Hinge Bundle

    $3876 Per Bundle
  • Hettich Flap Stay

    From $2207 Each
  • Unequal Drop Leaf Hinge

    $450 Each
  • Bronze Plated Drop Flap Hinge

    $450 Each

Hinging the leaf of a drop-front desk is fairly simple and straightforward process as long as you have the right hardware on hand. HardwareSource is the top destination for carpentry and woodworking enthusiasts that demand nothing but the highest quality desk hardware. We proudly supply an assortment of desk hinges that can help you complete any repairs or restoration and refinishing project with ease. With a handful of sizes and finishes to choose from, you will surely find the perfect solution for your desk project here.

Drop-down hinges, otherwise known as pull-down hinges, are nothing more than extra-wide butt hinges that are mortised into the writing surface of a drop-front desk with the hinge barrel projecting up. When you want to stay as faithful as possible to the classic design of a drop-front desk or secretary, our classic drop-down hinges may be ideal for your woodworking project. These traditional desk hinges can be mounted barrel-up and mortised into the lid and case so that the leaves of the hinge rest flush within the surface of the wood.

Our signature secretary desk hinge is specially designed to close the desk top to 45 degrees or 135 degrees from horizontal. Our concealed drop-flap hinges will allow the panel to fold down and hold at 90 degrees flush with the shelf it is hinged to. Our sewing machine hinges might also pique your interest. These simple yet elegant pieces of desk hardware are great for drop-front desks as well as sewing machines.

In addition to pull-down hinges, we also offer an array of flap hinges and stays made by Hettich. When used in conjunction with a hinge, a flap stay holds the flap or desk top in a horizontal position. By tightening the screws, you can control friction and how fast the flap drops as a result. Hettich's flap hinge is designed for overlay installations in terms of fold-down flaps on desks and drawers. This hinge allows the front flap to fold down and create a horizontal writing surface. Every Markant flap hinge bundle comes fully equipped with one left-hand hinge, one right-hand hinge, two mounting plates, and four system screws. You also have the option to purchase four flat head wood screws for the hinges at checkout.

We offer a wide range of base materials and finishes!

Wondering what type of hinge finish will look best once your desk is complete? We offer an array of base materials and finishes to help you complement the overall look of your desk and any existing hardware it may have. Antiqued tones such as brass or oil-rubbed bronze lend to an old-world look that can effortlessly complement any type of old-fashioned desk. Both metals are rich with warm, golden undertones that work very well with handcrafted furniture. Polished chrome, nickel, and stainless steel all feature a silvery hue that will help to accentuate the grain and natural tone of the wooden desk. No matter which finish you choose, we are confident that you'll be happy with the finished product.

What sets us apart from other hardware suppliers you might find online is our commitment to providing a personal approach to customer service. We offer more than 125 years of experience in supplying high-quality hardware, so we can provide recommendations based on your personal preferences or steer you in the right direction depending on the requirements of your project. Our hinge experts are here to help in any way we can. If you have any questions about a specific type of hinge or would like to learn more about desk hardware, please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance from a friendly customer service representative.