Shutter Hardware

  • Shutter Hook & Eye

    From $1440 Each
  • Shutter Dog

    From $2470 Per Pair
  • Anti Rattle Clip for Shutter Dogs

    $516 Each
  • Wrought Iron Shutter Latch

    $2000 Each
  • Bar Type Shutter Latch

    From $708 Each
  • Solid Bronze Drop Bar Latch

    $9200 Each
  • Solid Bronze Shutter Dog

    $7200 Each
  • Shutter Slide Bolt

    From $3620 Each
  • 7" Forged Steel Slide Bolt

    $5310 Each
  • Bermuda Shutter Stay, 24"

    $3040 Each
  • Hook & Eye

    From $978 Each
  • Black Small Shutter Ring Pull

    $539 Each
  • Shutter Ring Pull

    $620 Each
  • 5-1/2" Forged Steel Slide Bolt

    $4860 Each
  • Solid Bronze Shutter Ring Pull

    $4500 Each
  • Brass Shutter Holder

    $1380 Each
  • Heavy Duty Shutter Slide Bolt

    $4620 Each
  • Grape Shutter Dog

    $2820 Per Pair
  • Cast Iron Clarks Tip Shutter Hinges 3-1/4" Throw

    $3140 Per Set
  • 4-1/2" Forged Steel Slide Bolt

    $4410 Each
  • Bermuda Shutter Stay Extra Eye

    $422 Each
  • Flower Shutter Dog

    $2820 Per Pair
  • Shell Shutter Dog

    $2820 Per Pair
  • Rat Tail Shutter Dog

    $2600 Per Pair

Shutters can add a charming touch to any home, but they require just as much attention as any other fixture. Over time, you can expect the hardware you use to hold up or accentuate your shutters to wear down from weathering. That is where we can help. At HardwareSource, we offer a broad selection of shutter hardware and accessories that will help you restore your exterior shutters to their former glory. We keep our inventory stocked with a wide variety of latches, ring pulls, shutter dogs, slide bolts, and other types of hardware to ensure that you find the perfect solution. We also pride ourselves on providing a wide range of materials to choose from, including aluminum, brass, bronze, cast metal, iron, and steel. Shop from our selection today and narrow your search by using our filters to find exactly what you need!

Our selection of window shutter hardware is packed with accessories that can help you customize the design of your shutters and instantly increase your home's appearance. Some of the most classic accents you can possibly choose to decorate your shutters are shutter dogs. These unique pieces of hardware are designed to hold a shutter in the open position. Although shutter dogs serve a practical purpose, they are also quite decorative. We carry an assortment of ornamental shutter dogs to choose from, many of which are finely crafted in the classic scroll shape. We also offer shutter dogs shaped like rat tails, shells, grapes, flowers, and more. Many of the shutter dogs we carry are made of iron, which is beloved for its old-world look and charm. We also offer shutter dogs made of steel and solid bronze, both of which are resistant to corrosion and can hold up well in coastal areas or other corrosive environments.

In addition to shutter dogs, we offer an array of shutter hardware and accessories that can help improve your shutter's functionality. Whether you are looking for a hook and eye or a Bermuda stay to hold your shutters in place, we have all your needs covered. Most of the slide bolts we supply are made of either cast metal or forged steel, so they can stand the test of time. A decorative slide bolt can be used for shutters, gates, and much more. Each slide bolt features three different strikes to accommodate different installation methods, including surface, edge, and mortise. We also carry an assortment of ring pulls, latches, and anti-rattle clips for shutter dogs. If you have any questions about window shutter hardware, please feel free to contact us for additional information. We are also available to help via live chat while you shop!