Door & Gate Handles & Pulls

  • Rocky Mountain Hardware Deadbolt Grip Set

    $2,17500 Per Set
  • Spade Style Gate or Door Pull

    $1320 Each
  • Stainless Steel Handle

    $1788 Each
  • Self-Latching Thumb Latch

    $1012 Each
  • Bean Style Dummy Handle

    $7896 Each
  • Large Smooth Ring Pull for Doors

    $8217 Each
  • Small Smooth Ring Pull for Doors

    $6435 Each
  • Large Dummy Ring Gate Latch

    $4076 Each
  • Twisted Ring Pull

    $2656 Each
  • Large Twisted Ring Pull for Doors

    $7590 Each
  • Small Twisted Ring Pull for Doors

    $5946 Each
  • Solid Bronze Ring Turn Bar Latch

    $38300 Each
  • Active Solid Bronze Ring Turn

    From $37120 Per Set
  • Dummy Solid Bronze Ring Turn

    From $16600 Each
  • Handle for Surface Mounted Rim Lock

    $4253 Each
  • Solid Bronze Handle

    From $9800 Each
  • Twisted Bar Pull

    $8019 Each
  • Polymer Gate Pull

    From $525 Each
  • Twisted Square Door Pull

    From $8096 Each
  • Heart Handle

    $7896 Each
  • 11" Thumb Latch, Double Sided Heart Style

    $21626 Each
  • Heart Style Gate Latch

    $2930 Each
  • Heart Style, Rim Type Gate Latch

    From $13500 Each
  • Solid Bronze Back to Back Thumb Latch

    $36400 Per Set
  • Grapevine Pull for Gates and Doors

    From $21379 Each
  • Thumb Latch, Double Heart Style

    $13200 Each
  • Double Heart Handle

    $7069 Each
  • Light Weight Heart Pull

    $974 Each
  • Heart Style Gate Pull

    $990 Each
  • Classic Heart Pull

    $7896 Each
  • Decorative Heavy Door Pull

    $7622 Each
  • Canterbury Style Forged Iron Door Pull

    $21500 Each
  • Solid Bronze Pull

    From $22800 Each
  • Pounded Door Pull

    $8096 Each
  • StepHandle Hands Free Door Opener

    $2995 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Key-In Thick Kit

    From $600 Per Kit

Picking the exterior hardware for your new home or home renovation project can be equal parts exciting and daunting. With so many styles to choose from, how are you supposed to decide? HardwareSource makes the decision an easy one by only offering the highest quality door pulls and hardware. Our selection of exterior door pulls runs the gamut when it comes to base materials and finishes, so not only will you never have to settle in terms of quality but you're also going to love the way the finished product looks. Whether you are looking for large door pulls to complement a grand front entryway or round door pulls to add a simple touch of charm, we have all your needs covered right here!

When you work hard on your garden and your yard, it is important to let that effort and pride reflected in the hardware you choose to represent the exterior of your home. At HardwareSource, we make it as easy as possible for you to find gate handles and gate pulls that can add that much-needed touch of charm your home has been missing. We carry an assortment of stylishly designed gate door handles that can help you dress up the exterior of your home or transform and shabby entrance into an experience for all who visit. We offer a wide variety of base materials and finishes!

A thoughtfully designed gate can mean the difference between an outdoor space that you love to look at and a space you love to use. That is precisely why every gate pull handle we offer in this selection is made of high-quality materials, such as bronze, iron, resin, and stainless steel. Every hardware material has its own set of characteristics and benefits.

Which finish group is right for your gate?

Solid bronze is a timeless choice that will stand up to years of abuse from high traffic or the elements. Bronze is also naturally durable and resistant to corrosion. This old-world material does not deteriorate and has a living finish that will age gracefully over time. Iron is one of the most richly crafted hardware materials on the market and its smooth texture is often scintillating to the touch. This metal is also very durable and will stand the test of time. Resin offers several advantages over metals and other materials used to make gate handles. This polymer is lightweight, resistant to rust, and relatively maintenance-free. Best of all, resin gate door handles are often made to look a lot like forged iron for a rustic effect.

Among the many base materials that we supply, some gate pulls are available in an array of attractive finishes, such as black or aged bronze. Our gate handles are also available in a wide variety of styles and themes, including grapevine pulls, heart pulls, and spade-style pulls. Our bean-style dummy gate pull handle matches our bean-style thumb latch, strap hinges, and dummy strap hinges, so you can complete the entire set. If you have any questions about these gate pulls and handles, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance.