Invisible Door Hinges

  • Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors

    From $10050 Each $13400
  • Tectus TE 240 3D for 1-3/8" Thick Doors

    From $8775 Each $11700
  • Sugatsune HES3D-E190 Heavy Duty Concealed Hinge

    From $13900 Each
  • Anselmi AN 170 3D Adjustable Concealed Hinge

    $4200 Each
  • FritsJurgens System One Pivot Set, 1100 lbs

    $86000 Per Set
  • Soss 316 Stainless Steel Medium Duty Hinge

    From $25592 Each
  • Soss #518 Wide Throw Wrap Around Invisible Hinge

    From $33018 Each
  • Soss Heavy Duty Concealed Hinges

    From $5375 Each
  • Soss Medium Duty Concealed Hinges

    From $1852 Each
  • Soss Light Duty Concealed Hinges

    From $1830 Per Pair
  • Soss Spring Closer Hinge

    From $15194 Each
  • Nylon & Stainless Concealed Hinge

    $1997 Each
  • Simonswerk Universal Milling Frame

    $54560 Each $68200
  • Routing Template for Tectus TE 240 3D

    $7040 Each $8800
  • Routing Template for Tectus TE 340 3D

    $6000 Each $7500
  • Anselmi Routing Template for AN 170 3D Hinges

    $8800 Each
  • Anselmi Hinge Fixing Plate, Zinc Plated

    $1500 Each
  • Router Guides For Soss Hinges

    From $3321 Each
  • Soss Four Hinge Router Guide System

    $21422 Per Set
  • Soss Three Hinge Router Guide System

    $18033 Per Set
  • Router Guide Bushing & Locknut

    $2999 Each
  • Router Template Guide

    $3054 Each
  • Router Bits for Templates

    From $2997 Each

Hardware can add a decorative touch to some projects, but unique applications may call for a concealed solution that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Does that sound like a solution that your project needs? That's where we can help. At HardwareSource, we offer a great selection of hidden hinges for cabinets, doors, and more. Hidden door hinges, also known as concealed hinges or invisible hinges, are aptly named because once installed and the door is in the closed position, you can't see them. We offer a variety of concealed door hinges made by brands trusted throughout the hardware industry, such as SOSS, Sugatsune, and Tectus, just to name a few.

Hidden Hinges – Sold Individually and in Pairs!

When you need a stylish, viable solution for the cabinet doors in your bathroom, closet, kitchen, or office, hidden cabinet hinges offer a multitude of benefits over traditional hinges. Not only are hidden door hinges easy to install but they are also easy to adjust and particularly good at hiding minor imperfections in the construction.

Joe Soss invented the SOSS hidden hinge over a century ago, when the idea struck him after he stumbled over a protruding cargo hold hinge on a ship. 100 years later, SOSS hidden cabinet door hinges are still in demand. We supply light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty concealed door hinges in a wide variety of finishes, including polished or satin stainless steel as well as black, satin brass, and satin chrome. We also carry SOSS spring closer hinges with adjustable closure rate which are ideal for most types of doors that are 1-3/4″ thick. In addition to SOSS invisible hinges, we also offer heavy-duty concealed hinges made by Sugatsune that have successfully passed 300,000 open/close test cycles.

Another iconic name in the world of hidden hinges for cabinet doors is Simonswerk, the manufacturer of Tectus hinges. These hinges are easily adjustable in three directions, cast in aluminum alloy, and come with a black plate that is made of powder-coated steel. Three-dimensional adjustability makes these hidden hinges much more flexible. We also carry an assortment of optional accessories, including router templates, universal milling frames, router template guides, and router bits.

We have been a family owned and operated hardware company since 1892 and take tremendous pride in offering the largest selection of hinges. Our hardware experts are here to help if you have any questions about hidden door hinges or need help finding the right product to complete your installation. Please feel free to call 1-858-322-6353, email, or chat online with one of our representatives while you shop.