Window Hinges

  • Stainless Concealed Casement Hinge, 10" Track

    $5067 Per Pair
  • Truth Concealed Awning Window Hinge, Stainless Steel

    $14400 Per Pair
  • 4" x 8" Solid Brass Parliament Hinge, Satin Nickel

    $10368 Per Pair
  • Solid Brass Parliament Hinges

    From $1536 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 5" x 3-1/4"

    From $7803 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 6" x 4"

    From $9573 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 6" x 4-1/2"

    From $10458 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 6" x 5"

    From $10941 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Hinge, 2" x 1 - 1/2"

    From $2413 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Hinge, 2-1/2" x 2"

    From $2977 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Hinge, 3" x 2-1/2"

    From $4505 Each
  • Architectural Solid Bronze Hinge

    From $2199 Each
  • 3" x 3" Stainless Steel Hinge

    $2128 Per Pair
  • Stainless Steel Wide Throw Butt Hinges

    From $2960 Each
  • Stainless Steel Full Mortise Hinge

    From $2070 Each

Broken, rusted, and sagging hinges aren't all that uncommon in older houses. Badly damaged hinges can make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to open your windows and enjoy the fresh air outside. What's more, they can prevent you from being able to use your shutters as they were intended. Whether you are in the middle of a home renovation or you are simply trying to give your windows a new and improved look, HardwareSource has all your needs covered with a large assortment of shutter and window hinges. We keep our selection stocked with an array of hinge styles to ensure that you can easily find the right solution for the particular type of shutters or windows you have in your home.

We offer a variety of window and shutter hinges!

Trying to determine what type of hinges to get for your shutters or windows? That's where we can help! In this selection alone, we offer pivot hinges, parliament hinges, and more, each of which has its own set of features and characteristics.

Pivot hinges allow windows to pivot up to 360 degrees depending on how they are installed. Parliament hinges resemble an H in shape, allowing windows to swing clear of the trim and lay flat when opened. We offer both parliament and pivot hinges in your choice of steel or solid brass. Plus, you can choose from an array of attractive finishes, including polished brass, polished nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze, to effortlessly complement your existing hardware. Our parliament hinges come with decorative ball tips for added ornamentation. With a wide-throw design, our parliament shutter window hinges are perfectly suited for wide-swinging shutters or deep-set casement windows.

We also carry Whitco's concealed hinges, which may be used as a hinge for casement, awning, or transom windows. These heavy-duty hinges will make your sash self-adjust and prevent any rattling noise. We offer two different track length sizes to choose from: 8 or 10 inches. Thanks to their solid brass construction, you can rest assured that your new shutter window hinges will last a long time before they may need to be replaced again.

How to Measure Your Window for Hinges

Before you decide on the best hinge for the job, it is important to double-check and triple-check all the measurements you need to make installation a snap. Fortunately, measuring your window hinges is fairly simple and straightforward!

Start by determining whether the window is hung from the top or the side. Typically, a top-hung window pivots out from the top of the frame, whereas a side-hung window pivots out from the side of the frame. Then, you will need to measure the length of the existing hinge. Measure the part that attaches to the window frame. Next, you will need to measure the width of the hinge where it attaches to the window frame. For parliament hinges and casement windows, measure the largest part of the leaf to determine the right height for your hinge replacement.

We can appreciate that not everyone has in-depth knowledge of hardware for windows or shutters. Luckily, we have over 125 years of experience in supplying hardware and one of our hinge experts will gladly help you find the best solution for a fair price. You can call or email us to learn more about any of the window hinges we carry in our selection. You can also leave us a message or chat online with one of our helpful representatives while you explore our inventory.