Door Latches & Bolts

  • Concealed Magnetic Door Catch, Regular Duty

    From $1516 Per Set
  • Concealed Magnetic Door Catch, Heavy Duty

    From $5054 Per Set
  • Auxiliary Pusher for Touch Latch for Full Sized Doors

    $4467 Each
  • Invisible Touch Latch for Full Size Doors

    From $3800 Each
  • 5/8 Inch Chain Bolt

    $2311 Each
  • Ball Catch for Full Sized Doors

    $3000 Each
  • Modern Surface Bolt

    From $786 Each
  • Locinox Surface Mounted Sliding Gate Lock

    From $13824
  • Heavy Duty Roller Latch

    From $3297 Each
  • Baldwin Residential Flush Bolt

    $3200 Each
  • Heavy Duty Surface Bolt

    From $4478 Each
  • Baldwin Dutch Door Bolt

    $11000 Each
  • 7" Rounded Flush Bolt

    From $2154 Each
  • Baldwin Flush Bolt with 12" Rod

    $7500 Each
  • Adjustable Roller Latch

    $3500 Each
  • Barn Door Locking Pin Set

    $6750 Each
  • Barn Door Privacy Lock

    $21700 Each
  • Rocky Mountain Hardware Deadbolt Grip Set

    $2,17500 Per Set
  • Could the hardware in your business or home benefit from an update? When it comes to replacing hardware for doors, determining what kind of lockset will be best can be difficult. However, we have more than 120 years of experience in hardware supply and can happily help you select the right door bolt latch or door catch for your unique situation. There are all sorts of door latches and door catches to choose from in this selection, and we also offer a wide variety of flush bolts for use with double doors. With a wide variety of finishes at the ready, finding a perfect solution will be painless!

    Different Types of Door Latches

    Roller Latches: A type of door latching mechanism that is commonly used on interior doors that experience high traffic or use and wherever quiet operation is desired. A roller latch features a roller under spring tension, which engages a strike plate that has a recess to receive it, causing the roller to fall into the depression of the strike. This mechanism is used to hold a door closed. We carry both adjustable and heavy-duty roller latches in several finishes, including satin nickel, antique brass, polished brass, and oil-rubbed bronze. Baldwin's roller latch is designed to ANSI specifications.

    Touch Latches: A type of door latching mechanism that allows doors to open and close with just a gentle push. Once pushed, the door releases from the latch and pops outward. A touch latch is invisible from the outside of the door and requires no other hardware. We offer both regular duty and heavy-duty touch latches. A heavy-duty touch latch is slightly larger and has a much stronger spring action, which is ideal for solid core or heavy doors. Wherever a vacuum condition exists or if the door does not open easily, you may need to purchase an auxiliary push to aid in operation.

    In addition to door latches, we also offer door catches and strike plates that are made to hold full-size doors. When it comes to a set of double doors, the door that is generally inactive is typically held closed using a flush bolt at the top and bottom. This type of door bolt latch is mortised into the edge of the door for a seamless installation. We offer a number of residential flush bolts in an array of finishes and sizes, so you are sure to find a solution for your doors. Are you looking to add some extra security to your doors? We offer heavy-duty surface bolts, which are held in place with a ball bearing system that prevents the barrel of the bolt from getting scratched or rattling.

    Please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance while shopping with us today.