Door Hinge Accessories & Tools

  • Security Stud for Door Hinges

    $789 Per Pair
  • Hinge Security Stud

    $445 Per Pack
  • Simonswerk Universal Milling Frame

    $54560 Each $68200
  • Routing Template for Tectus TE 240 3D

    $7040 Each $8800
  • Routing Template for Tectus TE 340 3D

    $6000 Each $7500
  • Router Guide Bushing & Locknut

    $2999 Each
  • Router Template Guide

    $3054 Each
  • Router Bits for Templates

    From $2997 Each
  • Anselmi Hinge Fixing Plate, Zinc Plated

    $1500 Each
  • Anselmi Routing Template for AN 170 3D Hinges

    $8800 Each
  • Router Guides For Soss Hinges

    From $3321 Each
  • Soss Three Hinge Router Guide System

    $18033 Per Set
  • Soss Four Hinge Router Guide System

    $21422 Per Set
  • Hinge Pin Door Closer

    From $1136 Each
  • Baldwin Ornamental Heavy Duty Surface Bolt

    From $10600 Each
  • Residential Door Hinge Pin

    From $255 Each
  • Butt Hinge Marker Tool

    From $844 Each
  • Hinge Shim Pack

    From $379 Per Pack
  • Ball Tip and Conversion Pin Bundle for Stanley-Best Solid Bronze Hinges

    From $2000 Per Bundle
  • Baldwin Ball Tips for Architectural Hinges

    From $1170 Per Pair $1800
  • Baldwin Ball Tips for Residential Hinges

    From $780 Per Pair $1200
  • Ball Tip for 6" Solid Brass Ball Bearing Hinge

    From $585 Each

Upgrading the hardware in your home doesn't come without its challenges. Luckily, HardwareSource offers a wide range of tools and accessories that can help you get the job done in no time at all. In addition to offering a wide selection of high-quality hardware and hinges, we also offer an assortment of door hinge accessories that can help you with the installation process. We keep our inventory stocked with door hinge tools and accessories that are compatible with an array of hinges made by Baldwin, Bosch, SOSS, Simonswerk, and other brands. Whether you are in need of hinge shims or you need a specific type of router guide to complete your hardware installation, we have you covered.

Stock up on door hinge hardware for all your projects.

Door hinge accessories are products that can be used with hinges or to make the process of installing hinges much easier overall. We carry an assortment of door router guides, templates, and accessories to be used with SOSS and Tectus hardware. A door router guide allows you to cut both the shallow and deep mortise required for installation, and we carry a variety of guides to suit every size SOSS or Tectus hinge in our inventory. Simply select the correct guide for the SOSS or Tectus hinge size you need to install. The template is held on the door and the jamb using nails and removable guide pins located in the deep mortise. Every router guide system includes router guides, aluminum channel rails, a connecting angle rail, guide pins, locator pins, and fasteners. We also stock extra router template guides, lock nuts, router bits, and bushings, so you will never be caught empty-handed when it's time to complete installation.

Our selection of door hinge tools includes universal milling frames and butt hinge marking tools. A universal milling frame will make the installation of Tectus hinges fast and easy from start to finish. The jig clamps to the door or frame and holds the template in perfect alignment. Our butt hinge marker tool works like a chisel by cutting the outline of a square butt hinge quickly and easily all in one step, which saves time if you're cutting a hinge mortise by hand.

Don't forget about all those odds and ends you need!

Our selection of door hinge hardware includes ball tops for ball bearing hinges in a variety of attractive finishes as well as corner chisels, hinge security studs, hinge pin door closers, and replacement hinge pins for select hinge styles. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns while shopping today. Our hardware experts can help!