Special Purpose Door Hinges

  • Raised Barrel Hinges

    From $3480 Each
  • 3" x 3-1/2" Half Surface Hinge

    From $5159 Per Pair
  • Stainless Steel Butt Hinge, 4-1/2 x 4, Type 316

    $9295 Each
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel Hinge

    From $6095 Each
  • Stainless Steel Double Acting Hinge

    From $1920 Each
  • 4-Wire Ball Bearing Electrified Butt Hinge 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Stainless Steel

    $18240 Each
  • Rising Butt Hinge, Brass Plated

    $1997 Each
  • Gravity Cafe Pivot Set

    From $4500 Per Set
  • Heavy Duty Pivot Hinge

    From $3297 Per Set
  • Heavy Duty Reversible Pivot Hinge

    From $3705 Per Set
  • No Mortise Hinges For Full Size Doors

    $1546 Each
  • Stainless Steel No Mortise Style Spring Hinge

    $3064 Each
  • Johnson Hardware Bi-Fold Door Hinge

    $1199 Per Pair
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 5" x 3-1/4"

    From $7803 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 6" x 4"

    From $9573 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 6" x 4-1/2"

    From $10458 Each
  • Olive Knuckle Door Hinge, 6" x 5"

    From $10941 Each
  • Reinforcing Surface Mounted Pivot Hinge

    From $2475 Each
  • Solid Bronze H Hinge

    $24100 Each
  • Half Surface "H" Style Hinge

    $4659 Per Pair
  • Half Surface "HL" Style Hinge

    $5172 Per Pair

Shopping for hardware online can be difficult, especially if the hinge you need is very unique. However, we offer a wide assortment of special-purpose hinges that don't quite fit the typical categories. Our selection of special door hinges may just have the solution you need for a unique application or specialty project. We carry plain bearing butt hinges, bi-fold door hinges, "HL" style hinges, olive knuckle door hinges, surface-mounted pivot hinges, and so much more. Best of all, you can narrow your search by using our filters to sort by the base material, finish group, or size you need.

We offer several varieties of special door hinges!

Not all hinges are created equal, but a lot can hinge on the hardware you choose for a special application. That's where we can help. We are one of the only hardware suppliers who regularly stocks those elusive hinges you probably won't be able to find at your local hardware store.

Half Surface Hinge: This type of hinge consists of one leaf that is mortised into the door frame and another leaf that is mounted to the door's surface. When the hinge is set in the 90-degree closed position, the mortised leaf that attaches to the door jamb will require a one-inch-wide mortise. The surface-mounted leaf will cover two inches of width on the door's surface. These specialty hinges are excellent for installing new doors or screen doors into an existing frame. H and HL are the two basic shapes of half surface hinges that have been traditionally used for inset cabinet doors.

Olive Knuckle Door Hinge: This Paumelle-style type of hinge features an oval-shaped knuckle and has been manufactured for over two centuries without much variation in its design. This hinge is most often used for lighter, full-sized doors and offers a decorative alternative to traditional butt hinges. Only the single knuckle is visible when the door is in the closed position. A door installed with an olive knuckle hinge can also be lifted off the door frame in the closed position. Please note that these hinges are handed, but we offer a wide variety of sizes to suit all sorts of doors and preferences.

We also carry bi-fold hinges for folding screen partitions and surface-mounted pivot hinges to reinforced sagging doors as well as Type 316 stainless-steel hinges that are suitable for marine applications. We can help you find the special door hinges you need. We also proudly offer a variety of hardware finishes to choose from, including black, brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, steel, and other tones. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.