D&D Technologies

  • TruClose Heavy Duty Multi Adjustable Spring Hinge

    From $6171 Per Pair
  • Duplicate Key for D & D Technologies Locks

    $299 Each
  • TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge For Metal Gates

    From $4534 Per Pair
  • LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock

    From $8064 Each
  • Weld-On Spring Hinge

    $20983 Per Set
  • TruClose Regular Multi Adjustable Spring Hinge

    $4714 Per Pair
  • TruClose Heavy Duty Round Post Spring Hinge

    From $6024 Per Pair
  • Key Lockable LokkLatch Gate Latch

    From $2289 Each
  • LokkLatch Deluxe Gate Latch

    From $7347 Each
  • MagnaLatch, Side Pull Model

    From $2289 Each
  • TruClose Regular Spring Hinge

    From $2513 Per Pair
  • TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates

    From $4360 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty Bolt or Weld-On Hinge, Zinc Chromate

    $11213 Each
  • Face Mount Bolt-On Hinge

    $10696 Each
  • Key Lockable LokkLatch with External Access

    From $3907 Each
  • Steel Roller Bearing Weld-On Hinge

    $6727 Each
  • Versaweld Hinge

    $6727 Each
  • Heavy Duty Bolt-On Hinge, 7-1/2"

    $10696 Each
  • Extra Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Weld-On Hinge

    $10523 Each
  • Roller Bearing Weld-On Hinge, Aluminum

    $6727 Each
  • Qbolt Cane Bolt

    From $3894 Each
  • Weld-On Strap Hinge, Uphill Hinge

    From $11903 Each
  • Gate Stop for Metal Gates

    $836 Each
  • LokkLatch Gate Latch for Round Posts

    $4070 Each
  • Round Post Adapter Kit for Series 3 MagnaLatch

    $2016 Per Set
  • Kwikfit Self-Closing Hinge

    $1819 Per Pair
  • Bolt-On Pivot Hinge, 4", Zinc Chromate

    $5520 Each
  • Self-Latching Thumb Latch

    $1012 Each
  • Series 3 MagnaLatch

    From $6004 Each
  • Face Mount Weld-On Hinge

    $6727 Each
  • Round Post Bolt-On Pivot Hinge, 4" Model, Zinc Chromate

    $10867 Each
  • Gap Spacer Kit for Series 3 MagnaLatch

    $422 Each
  • Gate Stop for Wood or Vinyl Gates

    $1060 Each
  • Kwikfit Non Self-Closing Hinge

    $1604 Per Pair
  • Polymer Gate Pull

    From $525 Each
  • Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Weld-On Hinge

    $9143 Each
  • Optional Base Plate For LokkBolt Locking Cane Bolt

    $1164 Each
  • 16" Black Ornamental Heavy Duty Strap Hinge

    $1288 Per Pair
  • LokkBolt Locking Cane Bolt

    From $7107 Each
  • Small Flat Weld On Hinge, Aluminum

    $3971 Each
  • Small Flat Weld-On Hinge, Steel

    $3971 Each
  • Weld and Bolt-on Pivot Hinge, 7-1/2", Zinc Chromate

    $8970 Each
  • TruClose Tee Hinge

    $3071 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty Ornamental Tee Hinge 8"

    $1163 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty Contemporary T-Hinge

    $1245 Per Pair
  • 8" Heavy Duty Contemporary Strap Hinge

    $1255 Per Pair
  • SureClose Safety ReadyFit Hinge, Aluminum Brackets

    From $16990 Each
  • SureClose Safety ReadyFit Hinge, Steel Brackets

    From $20463 Each

Wherever safety is a main concern, there is always one name brand you can trust when it comes to quality gate hardware. D&D Technologies is a recognized leader in the safety and general-purpose gate hardware industry. Since the late 1980s, D&D has been committed to designing and manufacturing top-quality hinges and locks for commercial and residential customers alike. Here at HardwareSource, we proudly offer an assortment of D&D hardware that can help you make your gate at home more safe and secure. Whether you are searching for a key-lockable or non-lockable solution, we have all your needs covered in one convenient place.

We know how difficult it can be to keep an eye on the kids all the time. Our D&D Technologies collection features the ground-breaking MagnaLatch magnetic latch for swimming pool and other child safety gates, so you can have some peace of mind while enjoying the day. Our choices include side pull, top pull, and vertical pull, to ensure that you find the best solution. Both top pull and vertical pull latches are ideal for shorter gates whereas side pull latches are great for general use on gates around the house or garden. With a properly aligned gate and fence, the powerful magnetic action of the MagnaLatch will cause the gate to lock on its own when it closes.

Our selection of D&D hardware would be remiss without the LokkLatch magnetic gate lock. This intuitive lock is made of the most durable materials and finishes that resist the harsh effects of both time and the elements. Whether you prefer the locks to be keyed alike or differently, we can help you secure the perfect solution for your home's safekeeping.

Your garden gate is also your home's first line of defense against potential break-ins, but good security measures can deter burglars. Safety gate hinges will restrict your gate from swinging open any more than 90 degrees in one direction, but non-safety gate hinges will allow your gate to swing open up to 180 degrees in one direction. We keep our selection stocked with bolt-on and weld-on hinges as well as round post spring, free-swinging, adjustable spring, and ornamental tee hinges, including self-closing and non-self-closing versions. With your choice of ReadyFit, SureClose, TrueClose, and KwikFit, you really can't go wrong.

From regular to heavy-duty gates, you are sure to find the right solution for your swimming pool or garden here. Please let us know if you have any questions about D&D Technologies or would like help finding a specific product.