Swimming Pool Gate Hinges

  • Locinox Mammoth Hydraulic Gate Closer

    $43267 Per Set
  • Locinox Lion Compact Gate Closer

    $32239 Each
  • Locinox Verticlose 2 Hydraulic Gate Closer

    $50211 Each
  • TruClose Heavy Duty Multi Adjustable Spring Hinge

    From $6171 Per Pair
  • TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge For Metal Gates

    From $4403 Per Pair
  • TruClose Heavy Duty Round Post Spring Hinge

    From $5848 Per Pair
  • TruClose Regular Multi Adjustable Spring Hinge

    $4576 Per Pair
  • TruClose Regular Spring Hinge

    From $2439 Per Pair
  • TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates

    From $4233 Per Pair
  • KwikFit Gate Hinge, Free Swinging (Discontinued)

    $000 Per Pair
  • Stainless Steel Spring Hinge with Stainless Spring

    $5987 Each
  • Gate Stop for Metal Gates

    $811 Each
  • Kwikfit Self-Closing Hinge

    $1766 Per Pair
  • Gate Stop for Wood or Vinyl Gates

    $1029 Each
  • TruClose Tee Hinge

    $2981 Per Pair
  • SureClose Safety Bolt-On Hinge

    From $2510 Each
  • SureClose Safety Weld-On Hinge, Heavy Duty

    From $2519 Each
  • SureClose Safety Weld-On Hinge

    From $2519 Each
  • SureClose Safety ReadyFit Hinge, Steel Brackets

    From $19867 Each
  • SureClose Safety ReadyFit Hinge, Aluminum Brackets

    From $16496 Each
  • SureClose Safety Bolt-On Hinge, Heavy Duty

    From $2510 Each

When you are lounging by the pool, it can seem like all your cares are slowly drifting away. However, there are many hidden dangers of a swimming pool, especially for young children and pets who might be unsupervised. By choosing high-quality hardware or upgrading your old hardware, you can make your swimming pool enclosure a safe environment for family members, friends, and guests. At HardwareSource, we keep our inventory stocked with a variety of swimming pool gate hinges manufactured by only the most trusted brands in the hardware industry, such as D&D Technologies. Our selection of pool gate hinges includes a variety of weight ratings, finishes, and base materials to choose from.

Find the perfect hardware for your pool enclosure!

Since the late 1980s, D&D Technologies has been committed to designing and manufacturing secure hinges for all types of commercial and residential applications. We proudly offer a wide selection of D&D hinges that can help you make the entrance to your swimming pool safer overall. We have all your needs covered in one convenient location!

SureClose: Are the costs of replacing or constantly repairing your swimming pool gate hinges adding up? SureClose hinges were designed and intended to replace conventional hinges, closers, or header arrangements by using a unique design that hides the closer hydraulics inside the fence post. They are perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential or estate gates. ReadyFit hinges are a compact, heavy-duty, hydraulic, hinge-closing system. These gate hinges are easy to install and come with either aluminum or steel mounting brackets. We also carry SureClose bolt-on hinges and weld-on hinges to suit any application. Safety pool gate hinges can be opened up to 90 degrees in one direction.

TruClose: When it comes to larger metal, wood, and vinyl gates weighing up to 132 pounds, you can trust a TruClose hinge to keep any area secure. TruClose heavy-duty hinges are dependable in terms of pool safety and any general need around the home or the yard. Best of all, these hinges will not rust and never need any lubrication. Most TruClose hinges are fully adjustable. Every hinge has been independently tested to comply with strict safety standards, especially those relating to stringent swimming pool safety codes. You should still check what your building department requires.

In addition to offering swimming pool gate hinges manufactured by D&D Technologies, we also keep this selection stocked with an assortment of architectural-grade stainless steel spring hinges. Each heavy-duty, spring-loaded hinge features adjustable tension and comes with screw hole patterns that conform to ANSI specifications for template hinges. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We would be happy to help you find the perfect pool gate hinges for an excellent price. Call, email, or chat with one of our representatives today while you shop!