Gate Stops

  • Locinox Stainless Steel Adjustable Strike

    From $2145 Each
  • Gate Stop for Metal Gates

    $836 Each
  • Locinox Round Adapter Plate for SA Keeps

    $854 Each
  • Gate Stop for Wood or Vinyl Gates

    $1060 Each
  • Surface Mounted Electric Strike

    $19824 Each
  • Solid Bronze Gate Stop

    $5900 Each
  • Solid Bronze Gate Stop for Contemporary Gate Latch

    From $6600 Each
  • Chain Door Restraint with Springs

    $5851 Each
  • Classic Door Stop

    From $1600 Each
  • 8" Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Door Stop

    From $10511 Each
  • Bronze Goose Neck Door Stop

    $6540 Each
  • Door Stop with Hook & Eye, 3"

    From $4867 Each
  • Extra Tall Door Stop and Holder, 6"

    From $9079 Each
  • Extra Tall Door Stop and Holder, 8"

    $11877 Each
  • Floor Mounted Bumper

    From $5315 Each
  • Gooseneck Floor Door Stop

    From $3035 Each
  • Low Dome Half Button Door Stop

    $4980 Each
  • Low Profile Dome Stop

    From $923 Each
  • Magnetic Door Holder Solid Brass

    From $2628 Each
  • Overhead Door Holder & Stop

    From $8596 Each
  • Solid Bronze Baseboard Door Stop

    From $4560 Each
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Door Stop

    From $3274 Each

Does your gate swing too far or is it constantly hitting the gate latch? HardwareSource may have the perfect solution for you. A gate stop is a unique device that is designed to keep your gate aligned while protecting it from being slammed. This alignment device will also help you prevent the hinge and gate latch from getting damaged, thus prolonging the lifespan and condition of your gate. We keep our inventory stocked with swing gate stops for metal, vinyl, and wood gates. Whether you are looking for a floor-mounted bumper or a wall-mounted stop, we have all your needs covered in one convenient place. Plus, we offer an array of finishes to help you complement any existing gate hardware.

What kind of solution do you need for your gate?

Installing an alignment device on your gate will prevent wear and tear from overuse, unintentional damage, or accidents because it absorbs the force of the gate closing, not the latch. Swing gate stops work similarly to the door jambs found inside your home, which bear the mass of your doors through the hinges to ensure that they function properly and stop.

Our solid bronze gate stop is intended to stop a gate before it even hits the latch bars. As you may already know, bronze latch bars can become weakened and eventually break if gates are allowed to slam against them. Bronze is a classic, old-world material that holds up well in coastal and other harsh environments. Bronze does not deteriorate and it is considered a living finish, which means that your bronze stop will age gracefully and change color over time.

Both our floor-mounted and wall-mounted stops are made of solid brass, which is equipped to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions. This highly durable material is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass does not easily crack or disintegrate. In fact, any brass bumper you choose will retain its condition for years to come. Both our floor-mounted and wall-mounted swing gate stops come in several decorative finishes, including brushed nickel, polished brass, polished chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze, just to name a few.

We also offer polymer gate stops for metal, vinyl, and wood gates. Both polymer stops feature an integrated rubber buffer that softens the gate slam and reduces noise. Depending on which stop you choose, you will need either a minimum 5/16" or 7/17" gap between the gate and the post. For gates taller than 4 feet, you will want to use two gate stops – one near the top and one near the bottom.

If you need help finding the right gate stop for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us for help from a trusted hardware expert. Simply call 1-858-322-6353 or email We respond to emails within 24 hours and are more than happy to answer questions over the phone. In a rush? Our friendly customer service representatives are available to chat with you and help while you shop!