General Window Hardware

  • Window Spring Bolt Solid Brass

    $970 Each
  • Solid Brass Window Spring Bolt

    $1970 Each
  • SS Screen Hangers for Window Jamb

    $997 Per Pair
  • Stainless Steel Screen Hangers

    From $3867 Per Set
  • Zinc Screen & Strom Sash Hangers

    $499 Per Pair
  • Black Window Screen Hanger

    $853 Per Pair
  • Small Casement Window Fastener

    From $1513 Each
  • Twin Sash Balance

    From $7038 Each
  • Side Mount Sash Balance

    From $11621 Per Pack
  • Operator For Wood Casement Windows

    From $4544 Each
  • Casement Window Operator

    From $1665 Each
  • Operator for Casement Windows

    From $3075 Each
  • Window Track for Casement Operator

    From $1264 Each
  • Truth Single Arm Casement Operator, Front Mount

    From $5500 Each
  • Casement Window Fastener with strikes

    From $2156 Each
  • Large Casement Window Fastener

    From $2952 Each
  • Lever Type Casement Window Fastener

    From $2110 Each
  • Wrought Iron Casement Window Fastener

    $5455 Per Set
  • Casement Window Fastener, Solid Bronze

    $7400 Each
  • Small Solid Brass Sash Lock

    From $1242 Each
  • Small Sash Lock

    $2066 Each
  • Sash Lift / Door Pull

    From $770 Each
  • Sash Window Lift

    From $398 Each
  • Flush Window Pull

    From $498 Each
  • Transom Window Latch

    From $2260 Each
  • Transom Window Hook

    $2278 Each
  • Sash Chain

    $495 Per Foot
  • 12" Restraint Chain for Cabinet Doors & Windows

    From $744 Each
  • 15" Transom Window Chain with Brass Mounting Plate

    From $2034 Each
  • 2-1/2" Ball Bearing Sash Pulley

    From $3307 Each
  • Sash Window Weight

    From $1897 Each
  • Window Control

    $876 Each
  • Casement Adjuster - Stay, Colonial Style

    From $6705 Each
  • Casement Adjuster - Stay

    From $4680 Each
  • Friction Casement Window Adjuster

    From $4925 Each
  • Solid Bronze Casement Window Stay

    From $7000 Per Set
  • Wrought Iron Shutter Latch

    $2000 Each
  • Bermuda Shutter Stay, 24"

    $3040 Each
  • Bermuda Shutter Stay Extra Eye

    $422 Each
  • Shutter Ring Pull

    $620 Each
  • Modern Surface Bolt

    From $786 Each
  • Heavy Duty Shutter Slide Bolt

    $4620 Each
  • 7" Forged Steel Slide Bolt

    $5310 Each
  • 4-1/2" Forged Steel Slide Bolt

    $4410 Each
  • 5-1/2" Forged Steel Slide Bolt

    $4860 Each
  • Brass Shutter Holder

    $1380 Each
  • Truth Concealed Awning Window Hinge, Stainless Steel

    $14400 Per Pair

Windows serve an important purpose in the grand scheme of any home. They allow sunlight in and make it possible for us to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. However, frequent opening and closing of windows can eventually wreak havoc on the hardware those windows depend on to function or stay in place. When the time finally comes to replace those window latches and stays or chains, lifts and pulls, HardwareSource has all your needs covered with an extensive selection of window hardware. If you know the exact product you need to complete your retrofit or installation, you can save time by using our filters to search by window type, finish group, and material. We carry a wide variety of window operators, crank handles, adjusters, weights, pulleys, hinges, and other types of awning window hardware.

Give the windows in your home the much-needed update they deserve by exploring our selection of window hardware. We offer a wide range of operators for casement windows. Operators can be attached in numerous ways, including to the metal or wood window frame and the track channel at the bottom of the window. We also maintain a broad selection of window latches and stays, which can be used to fortify your windows or make them more versatile and unaffected by the wind when in use. We keep a variety of casement window fasteners in stock, which come with matching strike plates for surface-mounted, mortise-mounted, and edge-mounted installations. A window control is a nifty device you can use to tighten the double hung windows in your home if the sash cord should become broken. If you wish to counterbalance the weight of your sash window, a sash balance makes raising and lowering the window easier to do.

We also offer an assortment of restraint chains for doors and windows, so you can keep them from hitting nearby objects or prevent them from opening too far overall. Upgrading all the hardware in your home? We carry sash lifts and door pulls in a wide variety of finishes, so you can find the perfect complement to your existing hardware. Some of the most popular finishes in our selection include antique brass or nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished chrome. If you are on the hunt for hinges that will allow your decorative doors or shutters to swing back flat against the wall, parliament hinges will do the trick. If you have any questions about sash, casement, or awning window hardware, our experts are here to help. Please feel free to call, email, or chat online with us while you shop.