Gate Hinges and Hardware

Gate Hinges and Hardware for Sale

HardwareSource is your go-to supplier for the best gate supplies and accessories from leading manufacturers. We keep an extensive inventory of gate hinges and hardware in stock, offering a way to provide the premium products you need with quick shipping.

Gate Hinges

Gate hinges come in many designs, materials, styles, and finishes. At HardwareSource, we supply an assortment of options that combine style and safety so you can find the ideal solution for your needs.Our gate hinge inventory includes:

  • Surface-mounted hinges: Ideal for light- and medium-duty gates, surface-mounted hinges use both leaves to attach to the gate and frame.
  • Single- or double-acting spring hinges: This hinge type utilizes hardware permitting the gate to swing in one direction, or both directions to return to its central closed position.
  • Bolt-on and weld-on hinges: Bolt-on and weld-on hinges provide significant weight ratings, capable of holding up to3,000 pounds.
  • Butt hinges: These hinges are mortised into the door and frame to sustain heavy loads.
  • Self-closing hinges: Unique design features of this hinge return the gate to the closed position on its own.
  • Swimming pool gate hinges: Use high-quality pool gate hinges with unique weight ratings, base materials, and finishes.
  • Strap hinges: These surface-mounted hinges have either one or two elongated leaves, providing gates with additional stability and support.
  • Bolt hooks and straps: These pintle hinges safely handle substantial weight using a bolt-and-hook design, which enables a swing direction toward the strap side of the gate.
  • Heavy-duty hinges: Heavy-duty hinges are built from the highest-quality materials, including aluminum, brass, iron, stainless steel, and steel, to offer weight ratings up to 3,000 pounds.

Gate Hardware and Accessories

After you choose your hinges, it's time to select your gate hardware. Our wide selection includes various bolts, latches, and locks to suit your needs. Our selection of fence and gate accessories and hardware includes:

  • Cane bolts: These robust gate anchors keep gates open or closed, working with left-handed and right-handed gates.
  • Decorative grills: Boost appearance and security with unique styles and materials.
  • Dummy straps: Add old-world charm with non-functional decor items with various designs.
  • Gate stops: Stops prevent gates from swinging too far to prevent damage and ensure they're perfectly aligned with the rest of the fence.
  • Clavos: Decorative studs are commonly used to improve aesthetics.
  • Gate locks and latches: Keep gates latched in the closed position.
  • Gate closer: Ensure the gate shuts automatically with dependable gravity or hydraulic type closers.

Order Your Gate Supplies

Need gate hardware and supplies? Get everything you need from HardwareSource. Check out our Hinge Finder Form, where we can help identify your hinges and guide you through finding the right hinges for your job. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team today!