Specialty Hinges and Hardware

Specialty Hinges and Hardware for Sale

Browse the assortment of high-quality hinges, hardware, and accessories available at HardwareSource. Our collection includes a range of classic to unique styles with functional solutions for your projects.

Specialty Hinges

At HardwareSource, we carry a wide array of hinges for all your needs. Our collection of specialty hardware includes:

  • Weld-on hinges: A weld-on hinge works well with metal, heavy-duty applications and comes in many styles, including pivot, strap, spring, barrel, and ball-bearing varieties.
  • No mortise hinges: The no mortise hinge offers an easy and quick application without requiring any cuts in wood for attachments and limits gaps between cabinets and doors.
  • Refrigerator hinges: A heavy-duty hinge that creates a secure and tight seal on your refrigeration equipment. Available in options like steel, aluminum, and die-cast zinc.
  • Garage door hinges: This hardware connects sectional door panels and facilitates pivoting movements to efficiently open and close.
  • Shower door hinges : Shower door hinges accommodate wall-to-glass or glass-to-glass configurations. They commonly come in solid brass with a drop-forged construction using stainless steel coil springs and hinge pins for a reversible door configuration.
  • Piano/continuous: Piano hinges were originally applied to heavy piano lids, although you can use them in a large variety of applications to distribute weight with excellent stability and strength.
  • Hatch hinges and hardware: A hatch hinge is a durable pivot style hinge for hatch doors to ensure smooth operation and secure positioning in any hatch application, most commonly within boats.

Furniture Hinges

Want to find the perfect hardware for a treasure chest, cabinet, or desk? We offer ways to refresh your furniture with the following types of hinges:

  • Desk hinges: A drop-down, pull-down, or signature secretary desk hinge provides a way to repair or refinish your workspace.
  • Lift-off hinges: These detachable or take-apart hinges allow you to remove doors easily when transporting wide furniture, or are used for doors or panels requiring frequent removal.
  • Small butt hinges: This basic cabinet hinge consists of two rectangular leaves with knuckles joined together in the middle with a pin.
  • Concealed hinges: These contemporary cabinetry hinges are hidden when the door is closed to create a seamless look.
  • Glass door hinges: A type of hinge made for glass doors that suits various applications, with options including glass thickness, mounting methods, and overlay positions.
  • Finial - tipped hinges: Finial-tipped hinges can elevate the style of any piece of furniture to reflect personal preferences and complement other interior decor.
  • Chest and box hinges: Uniquely constructed hinges developed to open, close, and support the lids of toy boxes, bench seats, chests, and other storage pieces.
  • Shelf and table hinges: Shelf and table hinges are available in numerous designs, including drop lead and flip over table hinges. They enable table and shelf leaves to fold down parallel with the wall or the sides, or up and over like a book.
  • Butler tray table hinges: A butler tray table hinge allows the sides of a tray table to be folded up or down, making it easier to serve, store, or transport items.
  • Special purpose hinges: The rest of our collection includes hinges for miscellaneous furniture, like ladders, tip-out trays, medicine cabinets, and folding screen doors from top-of-the-line brands.

Home Accessories

Our other home accessories include items ranging from house numbers to handrail brackets. You can browse our selection to find any traditional or contemporary style you prefer.

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