Heavy Duty Door Hinges

  • FritsJurgens System One Pivot Set, 1100 lbs

    $86000 Per Set
  • High Load Ball Bearing Weld-On Hinge

    From $52100 Each
  • High Load Weld-On Hinge with Bronze Bearings

    From $36500 Each
  • Dorma BTS80 Concealed Door Closer Complete Set

    $1,19467 Each
  • Rixson Floor Mount Door Closer Pivot Set

    $1,55100 Per Set
  • Steel Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Hinge, 8" x 8"

    From $13118 Each
  • Rixson Thick Door Center Hung Pivot Set, 1000 lbs

    $1,96020 Per Set
  • Rixson Center Hung Pivot Set, 1000 lbs

    $1,96020 Per Set
  • Reinforcing Surface Mounted Pivot Hinge

    From $2475 Each
  • Stainless Steel Butt Hinge, 6"x 6" Type 316

    $18585 Each
  • Stainless Steel Butt Hinge, 4-1/2 x 4, Type 316

    $9295 Each
  • Brass Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Hinge, 6" x 6"

    From $24647 Per Pair
  • Steel Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Hinge, 6" x 6"

    From $7920 Each
  • Architectural Solid Bronze Hinge

    From $2199 Each
  • 4-1/2" Heavy Duty Spring Hinge

    From $1858 Each
  • 4-1/2" Heavy Duty Spring Hinge, Builders Grade

    From $1602 Each
  • Solid Bronze Ball Tip Door Hinge, 4" x 4"

    $11800 Each
  • Solid Bronze Button Tip Door Hinge, 4" x 4"

    $11800 Each
  • Steel Wide Throw Ball Bearing Butt Hinge

    From $2179 Each
  • Stainless Steel Wide Throw Butt Hinges

    From $2960 Each
  • Heavy Duty Weld-On Hinge, Tight Pin

    From $446 Each
  • Weld-On Prison Hinge

    From $6318 Each
  • Stainless Steel Weld-On Hinge

    From $826 Each
  • Weld-On Hinge with Removable Pin

    From $299 Each
  • Heavy Duty Steel Blank Piano Hinge

    From $10135 Each
  • Heavy Duty 316 Stainless Steel Tee Hinge

    $19833 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty British Style Strap Hinge

    From $4064 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty Strap Hinge

    From $8135 Each
  • Large Black Tee Hinge

    From $2580 Per Pair
  • Rough Bean Style Heavy Duty Strap Hinge

    From $3825 Each
  • Rough Heart Style Heavy Duty Strap Hinge

    From $1941 Each
  • Smooth Bean Style Heavy Duty Strap Hinge

    From $3974 Each
  • Smooth Heart Style Heavy Duty Strap Hinge

    From $34388 Each
  • Textured Black Lift Off Hinge

    From $8633 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty Weld-On Single Acting Spring Hinges

    From $1095 Each

Doors that support heavy loads or experience frequent use require heavy-duty hinges for added strength and stability. These hinges are stronger and more durable than standard door hinges and typically contain premium-grade steel, iron, or brass for longevity. By providing increased support and strength, heavy-duty hinges help prevent sagging and damage to the door, frame, and surrounding structures, making them crucial for more demanding applications.

Types of Heavy-Duty Hinges We Supply

HardwareSource is proud to offer one of the market's most comprehensive online selections of heavy-duty door hinges. We supply these hinges in various sizes and styles, including:

  • Weld-on hinges: Heavy-duty weld-on hinges are among the strongest options for attaching a full-size metal door to a metal frame. Many of these solutions offer increased load-bearing capacities over standard door hinges connected by fasteners.  
  • Spring butt hinges: Spring butt hinges are a commonly used hinge style used on entry and passage doors. These heavy-duty designs come fitted with a spring and provide streamlined use with automatic closing capabilities. 
  • Center-hung pivot hinges: Center-hung pivot hinges are ideal for heavy, full-size doors because they operate on a central axis with support from the floor instead of the door jamb. The design provides a smooth swinging motion that is perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Strap hinges: Strap hinges typically have an elongated strap that provides extra strength and stability while preventing sagging. The added support makes these hinges ideal for substantial door installations requiring higher load capacities.
  • Concealed hinges: Concealed hinges offer sleek, modern aesthetics and excellent functionality by remaining hidden from view when the door is closed. Heavy-duty concealed hinges provide increased security and stability for heavier door designs without requiring obtrusive hardware.  
  • Piano hinges: Also called continuous hinges, piano hinges are typically narrow and long with uniform stability and strength. Heavy-duty piano hinges work well for applications like security doors and lockers that require added protection with even weight distribution.

Heavy-Duty Door Hinge Features

At HardwareSource, we partner with the most recognized manufacturing brands to offer a broad selection of durable, heavy-duty hinges with various weight ratings. These hinges come in many different finishes to suit unique needs, from bronze and black tones to brushed or polished chrome. Browse our dropdown menu to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Examples of our hinge materials include:

  • Mild steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Iron
  • Cast metal
  • Brass

Why Trust Us?

Since 1892, HardwareSource has provided customers with one of the market's largest selections of high-quality, durable hinges. As a family-owned business, we take pride in our superior customer service, exceptional product expertise, and diverse selection of hard-to-find products. Our staff is highly familiar with the hardware we sell and can help customers find the most beneficial solutions for their project requirements.

Find Durable Heavy-Duty Door Hinges at HardwareSource

If you're looking for one of the industry's most reliable suppliers of affordable heavy-duty door hinges, HardwareSource is the answer. Explore our extensive selection of heavy-duty hinges and other products to find a solution that suits your needs. Placing an order today ensures speedy delivery to your location. 

If you need assistance selecting your hinges, check out our intuitive hinge finder tool for additional guidance.