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Door Hardware and Hinges for Sale

HardwareSource provides the most extensive inventory of standard and specialty hardware online. Browse our selection to find hundreds of varieties from leading manufacturers.

Door Hinges

As your hinge supplier, we carry a wide assortment of options for any door type. We offer the following types:

  • Spring hinges: An integrated spring mechanism allows the door to close automatically.
  • Invisible hinges: Concealed hinges are hidden when a door is closed, creating a seamless look.
  • Heavy-duty hinges: Designed with weight ratings up to 1,000 pounds or more to comfortably support residential, industrial, or commercial applications.
  • Screen door hinges: Come in various configurations to adjust characteristics like the tension and swing direction of your screen door
  • Full sized butt hinges: Known as a mortise hinge, butt hinges use a hinge pin to allow leaves to fold against one another when fully closed, operating similar to a book.
  • Special purpose hinges: Bi-fold, olive knuckle, “HL” styles, and other options suit unique applications.
  • Pivot hinges for full size doors: Center hung and offset pivot sets allow the door to pivot from a single alignment point on the top and bottom of the door.
  • Wide throw and swing clear hinges: These hinge sets offer improved accessibility since swing clear hinges allow doors to open completely clear of the door opening, while wide throw hinges move the pivot point beyond the door jamb to swing 180 degrees.

Door Hardware

We offer the hinges and hardware you need to complete your installation, including:

  • Door pulls: A handle adds style and functionality with different shapes and designs.
  • Entry sets: Increase your home's curb appeal while improving security with a keyed entrance system.
  • Deadbolts: A secure lock to resist forced entry and give you peace of mind.
  • Door closers: A type of hardware that closes a door automatically.
  • Screen door latches: Designed to fit screen doors, which are much thinner than full-sized doors.
  • Pocket door hardware: Products designed for use on sliding doors for closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and more.
  • Door knobs and levers: Stylish handles for opening and closing your doors.

Door Accessories

Our door accessories offer a way to enhance your style and security. We offer the following and more:

  • Grilles: A fixed grille adds old-world style and a barrier between the outside.
  • Clavos: These metal studs can add character to your gates and doors.
  • Push plates: A push plate protects doors in high-traffic areas that are pushed to open.
  • Dummy straps: Dummy straps are a decorative accessory perfect for rustic-style gates and doors.
  • Latches and bolts: Latches and bolts ensure your door stays in the closed position.
  • Doors stops and holders: Stops prevent your door from hitting a wall or obstruction, while holders keep your door open.

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