Specialty Shelf & Table Hinges & Supports

  • Stainless Steel Hinged Shelf Support

    From $8500 Per Pair
  • Stainless Steel Extra Heavy Duty Hinged Table Leg Brace

    $6220 Each
  • Extra Heavy Duty Hinged Table Leg Brace

    $1958 Each
  • Flip Flop Table Hinge

    $1173 Each
  • Extra Heavy Duty Hinged Shelf Support

    $4443 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty Shelf Support

    From $2197 Each
  • Light Duty Hinged Shelf Support

    From $1697 Per Pair
  • Hinged Drafting Table Support

    $2384 Per Pair
  • Bench Seat Hinge, Extra Heavy Duty

    $24678 Each
  • 12" Hinged Shelf Support

    $2152 Per Pair
  • Hinged Drop Leaf Table Support 10-1/2"

    $1652 Each
  • Back Flap Hinge, Zinc

    From $1058 Per Pair
  • Reversible Flap Stay

    $1888 Each
  • Lifting Shelf Hinge for Kitchen Appliances

    $12797 Per Pair
  • Table Leg Hinge for 1-1/2" Square Leg

    $658 Each
  • Heavy-Duty Table Leg Hinge

    $654 Each
  • Marine Ladder Hinge 316 Stainless Steel

    $3630 Per Pair
  • Flip Over Table Hinge

    $4958 Per Pair
  • RV Table Hinge, Brass

    $659 Each
  • Lev-X Self-Leveling Leg Glide

    $399 Each
  • Lift Assist for Bars and Countertops

    From $8925 Each
  • Unequal Drop Leaf Hinge

    $450 Each

Folding shelves and tables serve an important purpose in a typical home as well as in many businesses. When you are in need of hardware for a folding shelf or table in your garage, laundry room, playroom, or workshop, HardwareSource can help. We offer a vast selection of shelf hardware and table hinges that will make your installation a breeze from start to finish. Folding hinges are commonly used in a number of commercial and residential applications. If you own a café or restaurant, chances are that the hinges holding up your bench seats may be old and due for replacement. That heirloom table with the drop-down leaf in your dining room may not be in tip-top shape for the upcoming feast. You may want a sturdier solution to hold all your books, collectibles, craft supplies, or tools. No matter what project you are trying to complete, you are sure to find the perfect solution right here in our selection of table shelf hardware.

We offer a wide range of folding shelf hardware for anything from light-duty to heavy-duty. These folding shelf supports will allow any shelf to fold down when not in use. In fact, our heavy-duty support will lock in place when in the horizontal position, but you also have two other locking positions to choose from: 70 and 80 degrees. We also carry an assortment of hinged table shelf supports for beds, drafting tables, kitchen appliances, sofas, and much more. Have you been hunting for hinges that will help your boat or RV become a more versatile space? We carry folding table hinges that can be used to extend the surface of a table in any confined area. We also supply table leg hinges, and folding leg supports. Some hinges include spring-activated trigger release to provide positive locking in the open or closed position.

Our selection of folding hinges also includes reversible flap stays for drop-down desk surfaces, flip-over table hinges, drop leaf table supports, and heavy-duty table leg braces. A bench seat hinge is great for heavy-duty applications, but it can also be used as folding shelf support. When not in use, the bench or shelf can be folded up against the wall to conserve space. Whether you are in the middle of remodeling your home or completing a contract job, we can help you find the right hardware for any installation need. Please feel free to call, email, or chat online with one of our helpful representatives if you have any questions or concerns while exploring our inventory today.