• Baldwin Modern Gate Lever

    From $15100 Each
  • Ball Catch for Full Sized Doors

    $3000 Each
  • Baldwin Ball Bearing Hinge

    From $4355 Each $6700
  • Baldwin Solid Brass House Numbers

    $3400 Each
  • Baldwin Residential Flush Bolt

    $3200 Each
  • Baldwin Architectural Grade Hinge

    From $3055 Each $4700
  • Baldwin Dutch Door Bolt

    $11000 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Key-In Thick Kit

    From $600 Per Kit
  • Baldwin Ball Tips for Architectural Hinges

    From $1170 Per Pair $1800
  • Baldwin Ornamental Heavy Duty Surface Bolt

    From $10600 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Rustic Square Deadbolt

    From $12100 Each
  • Baldwin Flush Bolt with 12" Rod

    $7500 Each
  • Baldwin 5/8" Radius Hinge

    From $1885 Each $2900
  • Baldwin Rustic Gate Lever

    From $19100 Each
  • Baldwin Flush Pull

    $3300 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Rustic Arch Deadbolt

    From $12100 Each
  • Baldwin Modern Square Deadbolt

    $10400 Each
  • Adjustable Roller Latch

    $3500 Each
  • Baldwin Ball Tips for Residential Hinges

    From $780 Per Pair $1200
  • Baldwin 1/4" Radius Hinge

    From $1885 Each $2900
  • Baldwin Reserve Contemporary Round Deadbolt

    $10400 Each
  • Baldwin Reserve Traditional Round Deadbolt

    $10400 Each

When it comes to the pinnacle of class and sophistication in hardware, there is one brand that can never be surpassed. Baldwin Hardware is so much more than just a brand name. With over 70 years of bold design, Baldwin has secured a reputation as an industry-leading destination for high-end hardware. Whether you are in the market for an architectural or residential solution, you will surely find it here. We keep our inventory stocked with Baldwin hinges and lock parts in a variety of base materials and finishes. Explore our selection today to find the part you need for a competitive price.

Discover the difference in quality!

By choosing Baldwin Hardware products for your home, you will never have to compromise on quality or aesthetics. Baldwin uses only the finest materials to craft every piece of hardware by hand, forging a masterpiece that is perfectly fit for your home. Many of the products that Baldwin manufacturers are crafted from solid brass, which is among the most durable base materials in the industry. Brass is a dependable material that naturally resists corrosion.

In our selection of Baldwin hinges, we carry both architectural-grade plain bearing hinges and ball bearing hinges machined for precise installation and smooth movement. If you have doors that won't stop squeaking, our ball-bearing hinges are sure to solve that problem! We also offer ball tips and hinges with radius corners ranging from 1/4 to 5/8 inches. Our selection of Baldwin lock parts includes deadbolts, adjustable roller latches, ball catches, and strike plates.

Which product finish strikes your fancy?

Baldwin's signature hardware is available in a wide spectrum of richly detailed, designer finishes. Hand-relieved product finishes may vary in hue and appearance as a result of any handcrafted variances in the final finishing step. These hand-relieved finishes are incomparable in elegance and some of the most popular in our selection include antique nickel, satin brass and black, and Venetian bronze.

If you gravitate toward more modern finishes, Baldwin's polished brass, polished nickel, or satin nickel finishes may be perfect for your home. Lifetime finishes are highly resistant to the effects of normal wear and tear, especially in coastal applications. If you appreciate the patina that comes with a well-loved piece, living finishes may be more your speed.

When you put in all the time and energy it takes to remodel a kitchen, it's only natural to expect the hardware you have chosen to last. Baldwin is committed to creating high-quality hardware that not only looks flawless but also endures the rigors of time. At HardwareSource, you can turn your vision into a reality by browsing our assortment of Baldwin lock parts and hinges to suit your particular set of needs. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.