Door & Gate Dummy Straps

  • Solid Bronze Band Dummy Strap

    From $20000 Each
  • Rough Heart Style Dummy Strap

    From $974 Each
  • Smooth Bean Style Dummy Strap

    From $1953 Each
  • Rough Bean Style Dummy Strap

    From $2024 Each
  • Spear Style Dummy Strap

    From $1771 Each
  • Solid Bronze Dummy Straps

    From $2000 Each
  • Classic Resin Dummy Strap

    From $2997 Each
  • 8.5" Colonial Dummy Strap

    $3956 Per Pair
  • Smooth Heart Style Dummy Strap

    From $15968 Each
  • Orleans Dummy Strap Hinge

    From $1420 Each
  • Spearhead Resin Dummy Strap

    $3497 Each
  • Fancy Dummy Strap

    From $6011 Per Pair
  • 11" Antique Dummy Strap

    $2633 Per Pair
  • Warwick Dummy Strap

    $10900 Each
  • Old World Resin Dummy Strap, 17-3/4"

    $3497 Each
  • Arrowhead Dummy Strap

    From $5313 Each
  • Flat End Dummy Strap

    From $4681 Each
  • Decorative "H" Strap

    $2011 Each
  • Decorative "L" Dummy Strap

    $2396 Each
  • Flat Corner Strap with Diamond Ends, 18" x 18"

    $4947 Each
  • Tee Strap with Fleur Ends

    $4947 Each
  • 17" Decorative Arch Strap

    $4681 Each
  • 6" Decorative Tee Strap

    $4175 Each
  • 6" Decorative Angled "L" Strap

    $4175 Each
  • Decorative L Strap, 6"

    $4175 Each

When renovating an old home or shopping for new hardware, some classics are guaranteed to never go out of style. A dummy strap, for example, provides homeowners with an affordable way to create the appearance of functional shutters. These faux gate hinges are a type of non-functioning hinge that mimic the appearance of strap hinges. Dummy shutter straps are commonly used for redecorating period homes and residential architecture in the classical style.

Dummy strap hinges can also be used to add a decorative element to doors and gates. At HardwareSource, we carry a wide selection of dummy hinges for doors and gates. Although they don't function as regular hinges do and are meant to be used with butt hinges, dummy straps will add a tremendous amount of style to the exterior of your home. Most faux gate hinges are made to look like wrought iron, but we offer a wide variety of base materials and finishes to ensure that you find the perfect solution and give your curb appeal a push in the right direction.

Our selection of dummy hinges for doors features an array of styles and themes, including arrowheads, fleur de lis, hearts, spearheads, and much more. We also offer an array of corner strap hinges and tee strap hinges. Decorative H and L-shaped hinges are designed to be mounted on the surface of a door next to an existing butt hinge. Many of the dummy gate and door straps we supply feature a smooth black finish while others are handmade, so the dimensions and texture of each hinge may vary. No matter which one you choose, a dummy strap hinge is sure to add some charm.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Finish

Our dummy strap hinges are available in aluminum, bronze, iron, resin, and steel. Every base material has its own set of benefits. Aluminum is a low-cost material that is both resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. Bronze provides the perfect mix of rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength, but it has a living finish and can change in coloration over time. Iron is a classic choice and will add a touch of charm to the exterior of your home. Resin does not corrode or chip like metals can, and it can be made to look like forged iron for an old-world appearance. Steel is also resistant to corrosion and can hold up remarkably well in harsh environments.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions you may have about dummy strap hinges. You can also chat online with one of our hardware representatives while you shop from this selection.