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Purchase Terms

Limitation of Liability

Upon making a purchase on this website you agree to the following; in the event of any problem with a product that you have purchased on or through this web site, you agree that your sole remedy, if any, is to seek a return and refund for the product in accordance with the return and refund policy posted elsewhere on this web site (Click Here to go to Return Policy).

Our absolute limit of liability shall be limited to the purchase price of the product.

Advice on Products and Installation

As a service to our customers we offer assistance in choosing and using our products via email, telephone and on the website. Because we are not on-site at your project, we cannot know all the specific details of your project. For this reason, you, and you alone, bear the ultimate responsibility for the choice, installation and use of the products you are inquiring about. Do not install a product until you are sure that it is suitable and safe for its intended use. In addition, if you are building a project that involves life/safety issues, you are strongly advised to consult a structural engineer.

Weight Ratings on Hinges

We list a weight rating for some of our hinges. These weight ratings have been supplied to us by the manufacturer of the hinge. Weight ratings apply only to a product when the product is used for the use that it was originally intended. For example, butt hinges are intended for use on doors that swing horizontally (like the front door on your house). A weight rating that is supplied for a butt hinge does not apply to doors that swing vertically or for any other use of the butt hinge.

Do NOT exceed the weight rating listed under any conditions. Do NOT use any of our products for overhead lifting, support of human weight, or athletic / playground equipment. When safety is involved you are strongly advised to consult a structural engineer.


Most of our product descriptions include dimensions of the product. We are very careful about these dimensions and do our best to keep these dimensions as accurate as possible. However, please keep in mind the following before placing an order:

  1. Manufacturers change dimensions on products often without notifying anyone. When we find out about a change in specifications from a manufacturer we will make every effort to change the description on our website as quickly as possible. If a particular specification is critical to you, you should call us before placing an order so that we can verify the dimension or specification from a sample in our inventory.
  2. The degree of accuracy with which we measure a product may not match the degree of accuracy that you are expecting. For example, we may describe a product as having a 3/4″ diameter when in fact it may actually measure 23/32″. For most uses the 3/4″ measurement is good enough. Again, if the measurement is critical to you, you should call us before ordering.
  3. Many dimensions shown are “nominal” dimensions. For example, our pintle and strap hinges show diameters of 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. These are “nominal” dimensions. They actually do not measure those exact dimensions. They are approximate dimensions that are meant to make it easy to match up the various components.

Most problems occur because customers make assumptions about sizes or specifications of a product. If something is critical, please call and ask. We cannot be held responsible for any of the above situations regarding dimensions.

As stated above, “Our absolute limit of liability shall be limited to the purchase price of the product”.

Product Installation, Specifications, and Dimensions

We strongly recommend that you do not build your projects until you have the hardware in your hands and can verify the dimensions, specifications and suitability of the finish. Hinge and hardware manufacturers do change the specifications, dimensions or finish of their products (many times without notice to us). For example, if you cut a mortise on an expensive door before you physically have the hinge in your hand, you may find out that the manufacturer has changed the dimensions. Changes by the manufacturer are beyond our control. will not be held responsible for changes in specifications or errors on our website. In addition, we strongly recommend that you do not hand a box of hardware to an installer without first inspecting it yourself for correctness. We strongly recommend that you build a prototype and a practice installation before you make permanent alterations on expensive doors or other building materials. And, finally, when installing small screws in hardwood (or any hard material), please do a series of test installs on scrap lumber using various pilot drill sizes. If you install a small screw into a hard material and the pilot hole is not large enough you will snap off the screw head. Additionally, use a hand screw driver to drive the screw rather than an electric screwdriver or an electric drill motor.

Screw Hole Patterns on Hinges

With the exception of Architectural Door hinges (also known as template hinges), manufacturers have never adapted any standards for the location or pattern of the screw holes on hinges. Every hinge manufacturer places their screw holes in different locations. Whenever you change existing hinges you should plan on doing some filling and re-drilling of the screw holes. We hope you understand, but we are not able to confirm locations of screw holes on our hinges. This is an incredibly labor intensive job and the possibilities of a match are extremely remote.

Hinge Photographs on our Website

The hinge photos on our website are a representation of the hinges that are for sale. In many cases, they are not an actual photo or diagram of the exact hinge that you will be ordering. Do not rely on the photos if you are trying to match up the screwholes. Except for Architectural Grade hinges screw holes almost never match up.

Brands and Finishes

There are many hinge manufacturers that produce the exact same hinge. For this reason we do not list brand names on most of the hinges that we sell. When you place an order for a particular hinge, all of the hinges that we ship you in that order will be from the same manufacturer and the finishes will match. However if at a later date you decide to order the same hinge (using the same SKU number), there is a possibility that the finishes of the new shipment will not exactly match the finishes of the old shipment. Anytime matching finishes is a concern, please call us before placing your order.

Country of Origin

We, of course, prefer to sell American made products. Unfortunately, 99% of all hinges, today, are manufactured overseas. Domestic manufacturers (such as Stanley, Hager, Amerock, etc) direct and supervise the production of their products in overseas factories. The result is that the quality of their products is excellent. Many other hinges are imported into this country by import companies who do not have the expertise of our domestic manufacturers. The quality of their products is usually very good. If a product on our website is manufactured in the United States, we will clearly note it on the webpage that it is “Made in America”.

Selling Unit; Pairs vs. Each

There is a lot of confusion about what the phrase “a pair of hinges” means, probably because a hinge are usually made of two leaves. A “pair” of hinges is actually two individual hinges (which is usually the number required to hang one door). We sell our hinges in one of two different ways; some are sold by the “each” and some are sold by the “pair”. The reason for this usually has to do with the way the manufacturer packages his hinges. If the manufacturer puts two hinges in a box then we will sell them by the pair. Near the price of each hinge on our website is the “UNIT”. The “UNIT” describes how the hinge is sold (either by the “each” or by the “pair”). So if you are hanging a door with two hinges and they are sold by the “each”, you need to order 2 each. If they are sold by the pair then you need to order 1 pair.

Shipping Terms

Our shipping terms and information on shipping can be found by clicking on this link. Shipping terms are a part of our Purchase Terms.

Canceling Your Order

You may cancel your order anytime up to the time your order is shipped. If you cancel your order before it ships, you will receive a full refund, including shipping charges. However, once your order has been shipped you are responsible for any and all shipping charges.

Please keep in mind, that we ship orders quickly. USPS orders that are placed on Friday afternoon or Saturday will likely be shipped on Saturday. It will not be possible to cancel USPS orders placed late Friday or on Saturday because we do not have an office staff working on the weekends.

If, when the shipping company attempts to deliver your order, you refuse delivery, or you are unable to receive your shipment, you are responsible for the original shipping charges and the shipping charges to send the order back to us.

Returned Check Charge

A $15.00 fee will be charged for any check that is returned to us by your bank for any reason.

Email Responses - Junk/Spam Folder

We promptly answer all emails from customers. If you have sent us an email and did not get an answer, our response likely went to your junk/spam folder. If you have spam blocking software activated on your email account we request that you set it to allow emails from [email protected]. Because it is a labor intensive process we regret that we cannot respond to automatic emails sent by spam blocking software to let our emails go through.