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You may return merchandise if:

  • The return was made within 30 days of purchase
  • The items are in brand new condition (never installed and resalable to another customer as a new product)
  • Returned in their original undamaged packaging (if you open the packaging, please do so carefully)

We will not issue a refund or a partial refund for:

  • Merchandise missing parts or screws
  • Merchandise with damaged packaging
  • Piano hinges that have been cut
  • Special order items (products that we do not normally stock or for quantities that are larger than what we normally stock)
  • Merchandise that is discontinued or items marked on the website as non-returnable. If a product is non-returnable, it will be clearly marked on the product page.

Returns over $500

  • For merchandise valued at over $500, you will need an RMA (return merchandise authorization). To get an RMA, please call us at (858) 322-6353 and we can provide you with that information.

The Return Process

  • Please include a copy of your packing list and the reason for your return.
  • Please address your return to:

    HardwareSource Returns
    5710 Kearny Villa Rd. Suite A
    San Diego, CA 92123

  • We will credit your credit card for the price of the merchandise. We do not refund shipping charges.

Shipping Errors

Open your shipment as soon as you receive it and check the contents. Any error in your order must be reported to us within 48 hours after you receive your order for an adjustment to be made.


Exchanges are handled as two separate transactions; a new purchase and a return of merchandise. If you need to make an exchange, send us back your purchase (see procedure above) and go ahead and make a new purchase on-line.

Returns with Quantity Discounts

On certain items we offer a discounted price based on the quantity purchased (the price gets lower if you purchase a higher quantity).  For example, if you buy 1 to 11 of a certain item the price might be $5.00 each. If you buy 12 or more the price might drop to $4.00 each. If you buy 12 of these items and then make a partial return of 2, your refund will be adjusted to reflect the fact that your net purchase was only 10 each. Your refund will be calculated by refunding the entire sale (less shipping) at the lower price and then re-charging you for 10 at the higher price.  This will be done as one transaction (either on your credit card or by check, depending on how you made your purchase).