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Blum Blumotion Hinge for Face Frame Inset Cabinets - Bundle

$1010 Per Bundle

One bundle includes 1 hinge, 1 mounting plate, and 2 screws for the hinge side. Screws for the mounting plate not included.


  • Please reference the minimum reveal information document under Downloads to verify if this bundle will work for you.
  • Blum's half cranked clip top hinge for face frame inset cabinets featuring built-in Blumotion.
  • Blumotion is Blum's built-in soft close feature which adds a silent and effortless door closing action.
  • With these hinges, the mechanism is integrated into the hinge cup providing a very low profile design.
  • Also features a deactivation switch which allows the Blumotion feature to be turned off for small or light doors. To do this simply turn off the Blumotion on one of the two hinges on the door.
  • ADVISORY: This hinge requires that the cup drilled in the back of your door is at least 13mm (1/2" deep). Prior Blum Clip top hinges required a 12.5mm cup depth. We recommend that you measure the cup depth on your doors before ordering. Many cabinet makers used a 13mm cup depth even though the requirement was only 12.5mm so yours may actually already be drilled to 13mm. If your cup depth measures only 12.5, purchase the hinge cup spacer plate which you can install under the hinge cup to make up for the 0.5 mm difference. The hinge cup spacer plate is offered as an optional accessory.

What's Included

  • 1 Blum Blumotion Half Cranked Hinge (Blum #71B3650)
  • 1 Blum Face Frame Adapter Mounting Plate
  • Two #6 x 5/8" screws for the hinge
  • Important Note: Two #8 pan head screws are required for the mounting plate but are not included in this bundle. This is because at the time we only sell these screws in packs of 5. To purchase these screws, please see our SKU 135410 (also found under related products).

    Available for purchase separately:

    • Pack of five #8 x 3/4" pan head screws. Two screws are required for each adapter plate purchased (135410).
    • Cover Plate for Arm Part of Hinge - Hides the screws on the hinge arm providing a cleaner appearance
    • Cover Plate for Cup Side of Hinge - Hides the screws on the cup side providing a cleaner appearance
    • Cup Spacer Plate - For doors with only a 12.5mm cup depth
    • Blum Platemate. To drill the angled holes for the adapter plate the purchase of the Blum Platemate is highly recommended although not absolutely necessary. The Blum Platemate clamps on the edge of the face frame and allows accurate drilling of the adapter plate screw holes. PLEASE NOTE: THE BLUM PLATEMATE IS A NON-RETURNABLE ITEM.
    • Plastic Dowels, used on manufactured wood products where wood screws do not hold well (SKU 652368)
    • Restriction clip. Limits angle of opening to 86 degrees (SKU 701113)
    • Blum Touch Latch for Self-Closing Doors (SKU 268822)
    • 35mm Forstner Bit, for new installations (SKU 204000)
    • Ecodrill, installation jig, for new installations (SKU 701000)

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    • Manufacturer
    • Model Number
      Hinge: 71B3650
      Mounting Plate: 175H5030.21
    • Finish Name
    • Material
    • Cabinet Door Type
      Flush Inset
    • Soft Close
    • Self-Closing
    • Plate Connection Type
    • Opening Angle
      110 Degrees
    • Cup Diameter
    • Screw Hole Spacing
      45mm (1-3/4")
    • Mounting Hardware Included
    • Mounting Hardware Type
      Two #6 x 5/8" wood screws for the hinge (included) and two #8 x 3/4" pan head screws for the mounting adapter (not included)

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