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Blum Aventos Stay Lift System
    Blum Aventos Stay Lift System
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    Blum Aventos Stay Lift System

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      • This Blum Aventos HK-S Stay Lift System allows the door to open easily, remain in any desired position and close silently.
      • Door opening angle is 107 degrees.
      • The Blum Aventos Stay Lift System is ideal for smaller cabinets with lift-up doors (cabinet heights of 7-3/8" to 15-3/4" and cabinet widths of 15" to 39").
      • Uses Blum's Blumotion soft-close technology to softly and quietly close the door.
      • Can be installed on cabinets with either overlay doors or inset doors.
      • Fasteners and a gray plastic cover (not shown in photo)are included with the purchase. Door and cabinet shown in image are not included.
      • This product is sold by the pair. Order one pair per door you are installing.
      • This product includes the required mounting plates (2ea) to attach the door to the Aventos device. These mounting plates are for attaching to a wood door or an aluminum frame door with a wide frame. Each mounting plate uses two #7 flat head wood screws (included).
      • If attaching to a narrow aluminum frame door, different mounting plates are required, please call us if these are needed.


    • The Blum Aventos HK-S is easy to adjust and install.
    • Instructions are included with purchase.
    • We recommend that you download and print out the much more complete PDF Instructions at the document found under Downloads.
    • Works on both face frame and frameless cabinets. For face frame cabinets, it is necessary to install a wooden mounting block behind and flush with the face frame. This block is not included and must be fabricated by the installer ("blocking out" the face frame).
    Choosing a Model
    • There are three models available. Choose your model depending on the size and weight of your door.
    • Calculate the "Power Factor" of your door using the following:
      • Weight of door in pounds (Door Weight). The weight of the door must include double the weight of any cabinet knob or pull that is going to be attached to the door. So if the door weighs 10 lbs and your cabinet pull weighs 1/4 lb your Door Weight equals 10 lbs plus double the cabinet pull weight (1/2 lb) for a total of 10.5 lbs.
      • Cabinet Height in inches (Door Height)
      • Calculate the "Power Factor" by multiplying the Door Weight times the Cabinet Height.
        • Sample Calculation:
          • Door Weight is 10 lbs
          • Cabinet Height is 15 inches
          • Door Pull or Knob Weight is 0.25 lbs
          • Calculation: [10+ (2 x 0.25)] x 15 = 157.5
      • For a Power Factor of from 19 to 39 use the lightweight model (Blum #20K2B00.NA / SKU 268045) Note this model is meant for the smallest sized doors. Because of this, only one of the arms is powered. The second arm is free-swinging. This is normal and not a defect.
      • For a Power Factor of from 40 to 85 use the medium weight (Blum #20K2C00-NA / SKU 268046)
      • For a Power Factor of from 86 to177 use the heavy weight model (Blum #20K2E00-NA / SKU 268047)
    • Optional Item: A restriction clip is available that restricts the normal 107 degree opening angle to 75 degrees. This is useful for high doors where it might be difficult to reach the door handle. Also useful if the door hits something above it when in the full 107 degree open position.
    20K2B00.N1 (Light Duty)
    20K2C00.N1 (Medium Duty)
    20K2E00.N1 (Heavy Duty)
    175H3100 (Mounting Plates)
    20K7A11 (Restriction Clip)
    Prop 65 Warning
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    1 Question asked about Blum Aventos Stay Lift System

    Q Geoff • 12/15/2017, 6:15:00 AM I had looked at the BLUM website and based on their Peer Factor calculation concluded I needed the HK system. Essentially pivoting around the top of the door. I have two doors with power factors of approx 70 and 240. Based on the Blum Brochure that led me to the following model numbers 20K2300N5 20K2700N5 On your site the models are listed as Light/Medium/Heavy and the model number nomenclature is different. Blum stresses the Power Factor calculation but I do not see a way of correlating that to the model numbers you list. My concern is to make sure I order the correct hinges. My doors weigh approx 7 lb and 10 lb respectively. The 7 lb door will lift 12 inches and the 10-12 lb door will lift 20 inches.
    A 12/16/2017, 1:13:53 PM Hi Geoff. This product page is for the Blum HK-S, not the HK, which is why the model numbers aren't lining up. We do not currently carry their HK lifts.
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