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Heavy Duty J Bolt Hinge Heavy Duty J Bolt Hinge
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Heavy Duty J Bolt Hinge

$13.97 Each Fasteners Not Included
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    Please note: Our current stock for the large model (783002) has a slight defect. The J-bolt washer is normally ground flat on one side to allow the J-bolt to pass by the post side hex bolt once installed. The washer on our current stock is not ground down enough to clear the hex bolt. If using hex bolts to mount this hinge to the gate post, you will need to grind or cut down the washer further. If you are welding this hinge on then this is a non-issue.

    View the video found under the product photos or under product downloads for further info. You can also CLICK HERE to view this video.

    • This is a very heavy duty hinge specially made for heavy gates and doors.
    • This heavy duty J bolt gate hinge will swing a full 180 degrees if installed without a stop.
    • Hinge is made up of a mounting plate (flange) and J-Bolt arm.
    • Hinge pivots on a steel ball bearing and includes a grease fitting to keep the bearing lubricated.


    • Weight Rating: 500 lb per pair
    • Arm Size: 5/8" x 5"
    • Plate size: 6" x 1" x 3/8"
    • Screw hole center to center: 4-13/16"
    • Minimum gap between post and edge of gate frame: 2-1/2"
    • Maximum spread between two nuts on threaded bolt: 2-3/4"
    • Thread size: 5/8 - 11


    • Weight Rating: 900 lb per pair
    • Arm size: 3/4" x 7"
    • Plate size: 7" x 1-1/2" x 3/8"
    • Screw hole center to center: 5-3/4"
    • Minimum gap between post and edge of gate frame: 3-1/8"
    • Maximum spread between two nuts on threaded bolt: 4-1/4"
    • Thread Size: 3/4 - 10
    Ball Bearing
    Two 3/8" Lag Screws or Bolts
    Prop 65 Warning
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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
    solid deal
    fred stone | July 20th, 2021
    great hinge for the price. will use again for future jobs
    Question about the J bolt hinge
    Derick Jennings | April 19th, 2021
    Hello was wondering if the threaded bolt is suppose to go through post for gate to hang on. Customer is interested. Just wanting to make sure this hinge will work for her project. Thank you!

    6 Questions asked about Heavy Duty J Bolt Hinge

    Q Fred Curtiss • 12/05/2017, 2:51:13 PM is there a stainless steel version of SKU 783000 Heavy Duty J-Bolt Pivot Hinge - large size?
    A 12/06/2017, 3:18:01 PM We do not currently have a stainless steel version of this hinge.
    Q Walt Hines • 01/05/2018, 1:46:00 PM Re: SKU 783000, large version (3/4" J-bolt), can I get this with a 4" vertical extension of the bolt above the flange on the pivot insert? I am having to raise the gate by 4" to accommodate paving of the driveway. I would rather switch out the bolts instead of drilling new holes in the gate.
    A 01/06/2018, 5:08:28 PM Hello Walt, We have two sizes of this hinge made for us and have only those two variations. Although It's quite possible you could have a local welding shop extend the J-bolt to your desired height.
    Q Joe Bartel • 02/03/2018, 9:05:59 AM Are the screws long enough to be lagged through the 6 x 6 post? I also want to lag the side that is connected to the gate. Does that need different hardware?
    A 02/03/2018, 11:21:29 AM Hello Joe, This hinge does not come with lags so you can buy the length that works best for your application. The J-Bolt for the small size hinge is 5/8" diameter x 5" OAL. The J-bolt for the large size hinge is 3/4" diameter x 7" OAL. This hinge can be installed either way, with the J-bolt attaching to the gate or the post.
    Q Ben Cantrell • 06/17/2018, 5:12:32 PM Can this be installed on a wood gate assuming the gate is constructed properly?
    A 06/18/2018, 9:19:59 AM Yes absolutely, those hinges are designed for wood applications.
    Q Neil Kauppila • 10/29/2018, 12:35:58 PM Why does your spec say 5/8-10 threads? This is not a standard Coarse OR Fine US thread? The Unified National Coarse Thread size is 5/8-11. The weird thing is, your bolt actually has 11 threads per inch, but it does not fit into any 5/8" UNC nut? Why Are you using such weird threads? There is a national thread standard for a reason.
    A 10/30/2018, 4:09:38 PM Hi Neil! It looks like it could be a typo on the website, we'll get that corrected immediately. We can take a closer look at this for you and see if we're able to get any additional information from the manufacturer. This would be the first instance where there is such an issue with these hinges unless there's variances between batches. This is a very popular product and we don't normally have any concerns over them.