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Special Purpose Hinges

Special Purpose Hinges

Special purpose door hinges are hinges that don’t quite fit typical categories of hinges but are good for unique and special applications. We have 316 stainless hinges that are of the highest quality for use in extreme environments around salt water or on boats. In this specialty hinge category, we show our olive knuckle hinges which are a type of paumelle hinge, but with an olive-shaped knuckle. Olive knuckle hinges offer a unique architectural appearance as compared to a butt hinges. Olive Knuckle hinges also work well for swing clear applications as they are available in various open widths. Here, you will also find reinforcing pivot hinges that are used to reinforce butt hinge applications for heavy doors. 

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Per Pair Johnson Hardware Bi-Fold Door Hinge
Each Type 316 Stainless Steel Hinge
Per Pair Half Surface "HL" Style Hinge
  Half Surface "HL" Style Hinge
Per Pair $41.97
Pair Half Surface "H" Style Hinge
Pair 3" x 3-1/2" Half Surface Hinge