Heavy Duty Gate Hinges

  • SureClose Non Safety ReadyFit Hinge, Steel Brackets

    From $20463 Each
  • SureClose Safety ReadyFit Hinge, Aluminum Brackets

    From $16990 Each
  • SureClose Safety Bolt-On Hinge

    From $2588 Each
  • SureClose Non Safety Bolt-On Hinge

    From $2588 Each
  • SureClose Safety ReadyFit Hinge, Steel Brackets

    From $20463 Each
  • Locinox Dino 2-Way Adjustable Double Bearing Hinge

    $12239 Per Pair
  • Heavy Duty Weld-On Single Acting Spring Hinges

    From $1095 Each

Heavy-Duty Gate Hinges

In many cases, standard hinges are not strong enough to handle the weight and stress of gates that are larger, heavier, or subject to higher levels of use. Heavy-duty gate hinges provide the necessary strength and durability to support these gates and facilitate smooth movement, especially in high-traffic environments or extreme climates. 

Heavy-duty hinges often feature robust construction with materials like steel or iron, and they're specifically engineered to handle the weight and forces generated by a swinging gate. They also feature heavier-duty bearings and bushings, thicker plates, and a weld-on attachment point to enhance their load-bearing capacity and longevity.

Types of Heavy-Duty Gate Hinges We Offer

Heavy-duty gate hinges from HardwareSource are typically the best option for larger metal gates. Many of the heavy-duty gate hinge designs we offer feature weight ratings ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds per pair, with some options even higher. More importantly, these hinges are highly cost-efficient based on how long they last compared to regular hinges.

  • Weld-on: Weld-on hinges are permanently affixed to the gate and the post or frame by welding, meaning they require specialized equipment and skills for installation. These hinges provide a strong, durable connection, as the hinge becomes an integral part of the gate structure. Weld-on hinges are prevalent on heavy-duty gates that must withstand significant weight or force.
  • Bolt-on: Bolt-on hinges typically attach to the gate and the post or frame with bolts or screws. These hinges offer relatively easy installation and removal, making them suitable for gates that do not lend themselves to weld-on applications. Bolt-on hinges work well for gates that do not require as much strength as weld-on designs.

We also offer several varieties of durable spring hinges, strap hinges, butt hinges, and lift-off hinges for your heavy-duty gate needs.

Choosing the Right Heavy-Duty Gate Hinge for Your Application

The three primary factors to consider when buying a heavy-duty hinge are the gate's weight, size, and whether it will attach to a post or a wall. As a general guideline, most gates in the range of 4 feet wide, 6 feet high, and 130 pounds are considered heavy and require heavy-duty hinges. Learn more about choosing the best design for your application by exploring our gate hinge selection guide.

Examples of the materials we offer for heavy-duty gate hinges include:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Polymer
  • Iron

Many of these materials come with a broad selection of finish options ranging from galvanized and satin nickel to black tones and brushed chrome.

Our Trusted Manufacturing Partners

Selecting a reliable manufacturing brand when purchasing heavy-duty gate hinges ensures dependable operation and long-term durability. At HardwareSource, we're proud to partner with recognized manufacturers like D&D Technologies, Locinox, GateMate, and Sugatsune.

Shop Heavy-Duty Hinges for Gates at HardwareSource

Since 1892, HardwareSource has offered customers a comprehensive selection of practical and effective hinges and specialized hardware solutions, including heavy-duty gate hinges and accessories. Our user-friendly online ordering system makes choosing and buying your products easy, saving you the hassle of visiting several stores to find the right product. 

If you need help selecting the best option for your requirements, use our hinge finder tool to narrow your search.