• #6 x 5/8" European Hinge Screw

    $006 Each
  • Blum Compact 33 - Hinge Only

    $399 Each
  • Blum Modul Mounting Plate for Pie Cut Corner Doors

    $1686 Each
  • Blum Clip Top Face Frame Mounting Plates

    From $129 Each
  • Edge Mount Plates for Blum Compact 33 Hinge

    From $399 Each
  • Blum 170 Degree Modul Hinge

    $776 Each
  • Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup

    $349 Each
  • Soft Close Replacements for Grass 830 and 831 Hinges

    From $329 Each
  • #7 x 5/8" European Hinge Screw

    $006 Each
  • Blum Clip Top Frameless Mounting Plate

    From $259 Each
  • Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Shallow Cup

    From $329 Each
  • Blum Pie Cut Corner Hinge - Hinge Only

    $829 Each
  • Face Mount Plate for Blum Compact 33 Hinge

    $399 Each
  • Blum Compact 39C Large Overlay Hinge

    $249 Each
  • Soft-Close Clip On Devices for Blum Hinges

    From $269 Each
  • Tandem Plus Locking Device

    $229 Each
  • Blum Compact 38N Small Overlay Hinges

    From $199 Each
  • Blum Tip-On Touch Latch for Free Swinging Doors

    From $006 Each
  • Blum Compact 33 Wrap Around Plates Replacements

    From $399 Each
  • Blum Blumotion Straight Arm Hinge

    $584 Each
  • Blum In-Line Mounting Plate, Cam Adjustable

    $149 Each
  • Blum Restriction Clip for Standard & Blumotion Blum 110 Degree Hinges

    $099 Each
  • Blum Frameless Mounting Plate for Modul Hinge

    $189 Each
  • European Hinge Screws

    From $006 Each
  • Restriction Clip for Blum Compact Blumotion Hinges

    $099 Each
  • Blum Tandem Plus Drawer Slides Only

    From $3496 Per Pair
  • Blumotion for Compact Hinges

    $459 Each
  • Blum Tip-On Touch Latch for Self-Closing Doors

    From $006 Each
  • Blum Stand Alone Soft-Close Device

    From $006 Each
  • Blum Face Frame Adapter Plate for Inset Doors

    $399 Each
  • Blum Blumotion Half Crank Hinge

    $599 Each
  • Plastic Dowels & Dowel Screws for Blum Hinges

    From $007 Each
  • Blum Hinge Cup Spacer Plates

    From $119 Each
  • Blum Face Frame Plate with Flange

    $289 Each
  • Blum Blumotion Full Crank Hinge

    $499 Each
  • Blum 170 Degree Self Closing Hinge

    $493 Each
  • 92 Degree Restriction Clip for 155 Degree Hinge

    $199 Each
  • Cover Caps for Blum Compact Hinges

    $029 Each
  • Blum Hinge Cup Cap

    From $039 Each
  • Blum Blumotion 155 Degree Half Crank European Hinge

    $1399 Each
  • System Screw 0mm Blum Clip Top Frameless Mounting Plate

    $322 Each
  • Blum Inserta 170 Degree Hinge

    $699 Each
  • Blum Mini Straight Arm Hinge

    $699 Each
  • Tandem Plus Rear Mounting Bracket

    $139 Each
  • Blum 120 Degree Half-Crank Hinge

    $399 Each
  • Blum 107 Degree Straight Arm Hinge

    $399 Each
  • Blum Blumotion 155 Degree Zero Protrusion European Hinge

    $1214 Each
  • Blum 110 Degree Straight Arm Hinge

    $259 Each

Types of Blum Hinges and Hardware We Offer

HardwareSource features a diverse online inventory of Blum hinges to ensure we have the right hinge for your project requirements. We offer various sizes, styles, and finishes so you can select the hinge that best matches your cabinet design, including polished chrome, black tones and satin nickel. You'll also find concealed hinges that will help create a clean, seamless look for your kitchen.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide expert guidance and support, helping you select the appropriate Blum hinge for your application. We're here to guide you if you have questions about hinge types, installation, or compatibility at any point in the process.

Hinges With BLUMOTION Engineering

BLUMOTION technology enhances the user experience and improves cabinet functionality by allowing doors and drawers to close softly and effortlessly. The technology uses a hydraulic damping system that absorbs the energy of the closing motion, gradually slowing it down without any noise or impact. Our hinge selection covers all your cabinetry needs, whether you have a face-frame or frameless design. 

Clip-on hinges from Blum have BLUMOTION integrated into the hinge cup, allowing users to attach and remove doors without tools. Users can deactivate the BLUMOTION feature for lighter, smaller doors. 

Benefits of Choosing Blum Hinges for Cabinets

Purchasing Blum hinges from HardwareSource allows you to enjoy benefits like:

  • Extended cabinet life: Smooth, soft closing reduces wear and tear on your cabinet doors and drawers, translating to a longer, more reliable service life.
  • Quieter operation: BLUMOTION technology allows doors to operate effortlessly and softly without making noise, regardless of their weight or how hard you close them.
  • Increased safety: Softer operation means fewer injuries caused by pinched fingers or hands for you and your family.
  • Stylish appearance: The sleek modern designs in various finishes offer an instant upgrade to your kitchen cabinetry.

Find Blum Cabinet Hinges at HardwareSource Today

If you're looking for a reliable supplier offering one of the market's most comprehensive selections of hinges from Blum and other top brands, HardwareSource is the answer. Trusted since 1892, we supply customers with durable, high-quality hinges and other hardware for a broad application range. Our easy-to-use online ordering platform allows you to browse and purchase the products you need from the comfort of your home.

Explore our hinge selection today to find the perfect product for your kitchen cabinetry. You can also use our hinge finder tool to narrow your search. If you require assistance, our hardware experts are happy to help.