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Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup
    Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup
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    Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup SKU #: B10077 Not Rated Yet

    Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup

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    Compact one piece European hinge with built-in Blumotion.


    • Blum's Blumotion soft close mechanism which allows the cabinet door to close softly without banging.
    • A standard cup depth of 1/2" (~13mm).
    • A deactivation switch that can be used for small or light doors (flip the switch on one of the hinges to lessen the dampening action).
    • An overload safety feature that protects the soft close mechanism if the door is slammed.
    • 6-way adjustable after installation.


    • When changing hinges on your door, you should change all of the hinges. Mixing different types or brands of hinges will cause door binding problems.
    • This hinge may be used to replace any compact one piece European hinge that is installed with the following:
      • the same overlay dimension
      • a bore distance of 1/8" (the bore distance is the distance between the edge of the door and the edge of the cup drilled in the back of the door)
      • a cup diameter of 35mm (1-3/8")
      • a matching cup depth of 7/16"


    • Screws for the mounting plate side are not included but can be found below as a related product. Only one #10 pan head screw is needed per hinge. We sell these screws in packs of three.
    • The mounting plate side of the hinge may differ slightly from what is shown in the image depending on the overlay of the hinge.
    • Hinge comes with dowels and screws for the door side of the hinge. Dowels may be discarded if not needed.


    • Cover Caps: These are attached to the mounting plate side of the hinge to give it more of a clean appearance.
    1": 39C358B.16
    1 - 1/4": 39C358B.20
    1 - 5/16": 39C358B.21
    1 - 3/8": 39C358B.22
    1 - 1/2": 39C358B.24
    1 - 9/16": 39C358B.25
    Full Overlay
    110 Degrees
    45mm (1-3/4")
    One #10 Pan Head Screw
    Prop 65 Warning
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    5 Questions asked about Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup

    Q peggy • 01/23/2018, 6:31:42 PM Can this hinge be used as a concealed hinge for partial inset,( ?" inset or lipped), on a face frame cabinet?
    A 01/24/2018, 12:24:26 PM This hinge will not work for that application as your door would most likely bind/clip against the frame. One of the few European hinges that can be used on a 3/8� Partial Inset door is our Blum 155 Degree hinge for 3/8� Partial Inset Cabinets which you can find at the following link. However, you will need to install a block of wood behind the face frame for it to install properly:
    Q Guiying Li • 03/19/2018, 7:10:11 PM What�s the distance between the 2 screws?
    A 03/20/2018, 4:18:55 PM The distance between the screw holes on the cup part of the hinge, center-to-center is 1-3/4".
    Q Neal Fried • 04/17/2018, 6:11:08 AM Can I use one restriction clip for a cabinet or do I need two, one for each hinge? Thanks.
    A 04/17/2018, 1:49:33 PM Hi Neal! We generally recommend both hinges on the door to have a restriction clip so they are both opening to the same degree.
    Q Frank Kane • 09/02/2018, 8:36:16 AM Can these hinges be used to replace the new style Blum 33 compact hinges. The Blum 33 hinges I currently have are not soft close and are adjusted so the cabinet overlay is 1-1/8". I didn't see an option in the drop down menu for an 1-1/8" overlay? Is there enough adjustment built into the 1" overlay hinge to accommodate my current configuration? I do realize I will have to drill a new hole in the cabinet frame to mount the hinge and will be left with two holes to fill.
    A 09/04/2018, 9:58:50 AM You've got it Frank. The 1" is the correct size to order, and yes there is enough adjustment to get it up to 1-1/8". That would be the soft close version of the Compact 33 hinge, so you correct there as well.
    Q Pierre • 12/21/2018, 8:36:45 PM I need a hinge so that the door completely clears the face frame when the door is open. That way some rollout drawers can clear the door as they come out. Will this 110 deg. hinge accomplish that?
    A 12/26/2018, 9:32:16 AM Not likely, no. You may need our zero protrusion specialty hinge here;
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