Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup

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Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup
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Blum Blumotion Compact Hinge, Standard Cup

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    Compact one piece European hinge with built-in Blumotion.


    • Blum's Blumotion soft close mechanism which allows the cabinet door to close softly without banging.
    • A standard cup depth of 1/2" (~13mm). 
    • A deactivation switch that can be used for small or light doors (flip the switch on one of the hinges to lessen the dampening action).
    • An overload safety feature that protects the soft close mechanism if the door is slammed.
    • 6-way adjustable after installation.


    • When changing hinges on your door, you should change all of the hinges. Mixing different types or brands of hinges will cause door binding problems.
    • This hinge may be used to replace any compact one piece European hinge that is installed with the following:
      • the same overlay dimension
      • a bore distance of 1/8" (the bore distance is the distance between the edge of the door and the edge of the cup drilled in the back of the door)
      • a cup diameter of 35mm (1-3/8")
      • a matching cup depth of 7/16"


    • Screws for the mounting plate side are not included but can be found below as a related product. Only one #10 pan head screw is needed per hinge. We sell these screws in packs of three.
    • The mounting plate side of the hinge may differ slightly from what is shown in the image depending on the overlay of the hinge.
    • Hinge comes with dowels and screws for the door side of the hinge. Dowels may be discarded if not needed.


    • Cover Caps: These are attached to the mounting plate side of the hinge to give it more of a clean appearance.



    More Information
    Manufacturer Blum
    Model # 1": 39C358B.16
    1 - 1/4": 39C358B.20
    1 - 5/16": 39C358B.21
    1 - 3/8": 39C358B.22
    1 - 1/2": 39C358B.24
    1 - 9/16": 39C358B.25
    HS SKU 1": 268786
    1 - 1/4": 268762
    1 - 5/16": 268787
    1 - 3/8": 268788
    1 - 1/2": 268792
    1 - 9/16": 268789
    Finish Name Nickel
    Material Steel
    Cabinet Door Type Full Overlay
    Cabinet Type Face Frame
    Soft Closing Yes
    Self-Closing Yes
    Plate Connection Type One-Piece
    Opening Angle 110 Degrees
    Cup Diameter 35
    Screw Hole Spacing 45mm (1-3/4")
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