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Upright Pintle and Strap Hinge
    Upright Pintle and Strap Hinge
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    Upright Pintle and Strap Hinge

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    • Upright pintle mounts to gate post and strap mounts to gate.
    • The "Upright" and the "Strap" are ordered as separate components.
    • When ordering components make sure that the pintle sizes match. The pintle sizes available for these components are 1/2" and 5/8".
    • The weight ratings listed are for one hinge. For example, if the listed weight rating is 100 lbs. and you install two hinges, your two hinges would be weight rated for a 200 lb gate.
    • The design of this product creates a small gap between the post and gate (approximately 3/8") after installation.
    • Components install with lag screws or carriage bolts (not included).
    • Note: the sizes listed as the pintle diameter (for example 3/4" pintle) are nominal dimensions, meaning they do not measure exactly that dimension. Use our nominal dimension to match up our straps with our bolts, etc. when you are ordering our products. If you order one of our products to match a pintle diameter of something that you already own, you do so at your own risk.
    Weight Ratings
    • 1/2" Pintle: 100 lb per hinge
    • 5/8" Pintle: 150 lb per hinge

    An upright pintle hinge is a type of pintle hinge that is designed to support heavy doors or gates that are taller than they are wide. This type of hinge is often used on barn doors, carriage doors, and other large, heavy doors that need to swing open and closed smoothly and securely.

    Upright pintle hinges are called "upright" because the pintle is oriented vertically, with the pin inserted into a socket or bracket that is mounted on the top of the door or gate and the strap or plate attached to the bottom. This design allows the weight of the door or gate to be distributed evenly across the hinge, which helps to prevent sagging or binding.

    One advantage of using an upright pintle hinge is that it provides a very strong and stable connection between the door or gate and the frame. This can be important in situations where the door or gate is subjected to a lot of stress, such as in high-wind areas or on properties with large animals. Upright pintle hinges can also be very durable and long-lasting, especially if they are made from high-quality materials like steel or wrought iron.

    Another advantage of using an upright pintle hinge is that it can provide a traditional or rustic look that is well-suited to certain types of architecture or design styles. Some homeowners and designers appreciate the simple, timeless look of pintle hinges and the way they add character and charm to a property.

    Lag Screws or Carriage Bolts
    Prop 65 Warning
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    1 Question asked about Upright Pintle and Strap Hinge

    Q Will Howe • 05/18/2021, 6:51:16 AM what size lag or carriage bolt does the upright pintle / post and strap use for fastening? thank you SKU #: B10048 Upright Pintle and Strap Hinge
    A 05/19/2021, 10:31:07 AM The Upright Pintle is punched for 5/16 In. (1/2 In. size) or 3/8 In. (5/8 In. size) bolts. Straps punched for 5/16 inch (6 or 8 inch sizes) or 3/8 inch ((1, 12, 14, 16, 18, 2 and 24 inch sizes) bolts.
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