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TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates
    TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates
    Purchase TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates
    TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates SKU #: C10668 Not Rated Yet

    TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates

    $42.33 Per Pair Fasteners Not Included
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      • Adjustable self-closing gate hinge for heavy or high traffic gates.
      • Though designed for use on wood and vinyl gates, can also be used on metal gates.
      • Made from glass-fiber reinforced polymer (UV stabilized).
      • These heavy duty spring hinges will not rust and never need lubrication.
      • Internal stainless steel torsion spring.
      • No visible fasteners once included screw cover plates are installed.
      • Spring tension is incrementally adjustable with a screwdriver.
      • Self-closes heavy gates up to 154 lb per pair of hinges.
      • Weight rating is based on gate maximum size of 6' high by 4' wide
      • Requires twelve #12 pan head screws per pair of hinges (not included).
      • These TruClose gate hinges have been independently tested to comply with strict safety standards, especially those relating to stringent swimming pool safety codes (always check with your building department for your local building code requirements).

      With Alignment Legs:

      • Measures approx 5" tall by 5" wide.
      • Alignment legs fix the gap between the post and gate at 13/16"
      • Legs are 1-1/16" in depth and are attached at right angles to the hinge leaves.

      Without Alignment Legs:

      • Measures 5" tall by 5" wide.
      • Has no alignment legs so the gap is variable from 11/32" - 1".
      • Ideal gap is 3/4".
      D & D Technologies
      With Alignment Legs: TCHD1L2S3BT
      Without Alignment Legs: TCHD1S3BT
      154 lb per pair
      Surface Mounted
      Single Acting
      Twelve #12 Pan Head Screws
      Prop 65 Warning
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      5 Questions asked about TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge for Wood & Vinyl Gates

      Q joe brandt • 03/12/2018, 8:08:50 AM My TruClose hinge measures 2 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" tall. Which model do you suggest?
      A 03/13/2018, 9:48:52 AM Hi Joe! We aren't going to be able to match those dimensions. You may want to give D&D Technologies a direct call to confirm if they still make their TruClose Hinges that small or if they are available. Here's their phone number: 1-(800)-716-0888.
      Q Bill • 03/24/2018, 2:43:58 PM I will be mounting the hinges onto a P T 4x4 post with a sleeve over the post. The gate will also have a 4x4 post with a sleeve on it. The total width on the post and sleeve is 4 1/4". The gate opening is 42" wide and 34" high. Approx. weight will be about 50 lbs. Do you think there will be any problems keeping the gate in place?
      A 03/26/2018, 8:46:23 AM Bill, you should have plenty of room to mount that hinge, and it is heavy duty enough to support your height, width, and weight, so I would say the TruClose Heavy Duty Spring Hinge would be a great selection for your gate!
      Q Apex Ironworks Inc • 04/05/2018, 10:13:48 AM Will these hinges allow the gate to opening all the way back in the opposite direction, in other words 180�?
      A 04/05/2018, 1:00:23 PM It puts a lot of stress on the hinge, but it does have the potential to swing 180 degrees.
      Q Michael • 03/25/2021, 12:40:25 PM Looking at sku 928115 to use on a new wooden gate. What is an alignment leg and why would I need one
      A 03/29/2021, 9:30:36 AM Alignment Legs are just wrap around plates that wrap around the side of the post so it mounts there too. Helps for added stability, and set gapping, but not mandatory. See the difference here:
      Q Geoffrey • 12/11/2021, 7:46:31 AM Can I still install these hinges even though my gate has welded hinges already on it? I would rather not remove the welded hinges
      A 12/13/2021, 11:17:41 AM It wont be possible to use these in conjunction with your current hinges, because then the pivot points would not be in perfect alignment, and the door could not open or close properly.
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