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Toy Box Lid Supports, Weight Rated

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Toy Box Lid Supports, Weight Rated


  • Recommended for toy chests, cedar chests, blanket chests, etc.
  • Toy box lid support self-balancing feature holds lid in any position to about 85 degrees.
  • This toy chest hardware is used in conjunction with hinges (or a piano hinge), these lid supports counterbalance the lid to keep it from slamming shut.
  • FORMULA: To calculate the inch/pound rating of your lid multiply 1/2 the front to back lid distance (in inches) times the lid weight (in pounds).
    • It is always best to actually weigh your lid on a scale. However, if this is not possible and your lid is made from plywood, you can use the following to calculate the approximate weight of your lid; 3/4" thick plywood weighs about 2.34 lbs. per square foot.
    • For inch/pound ratings over 140 use more than one lid support (do not combine lid supports of different ratings).
    • If you use two lids supports on one lid, the combined inch/lbs rating of the two supports should equal the inch/lbs calculation for your lid.
    • This product complies with the CPSC's voluntary standards.
  • For this toy chest hardware to work properly it is important that you use the simple formula shown above to calculate the "torque" or "moment" that your lid creates as it pivots on its hinges. It is a combination of the weight of the lid and the front to back dimension of the lid.
    • We get a lot of customers who ask, "Should I go to a heavier rated support to be safe? The answer isno. Get a precise weight on your lid, do the calculation and use a lid support that fits in between the recommended weight rating range.
    • If you are using more than one lid support and you are questioning whether you should use 2 supports that are at a heavier rating or 3 supports that are at a lesser rating, the answer is that you should choose the configuration that calculates out closest to the middle of the rating range.
    • If you need help with the calculation email us the exact weight of your lid (in pounds) and the front to back dimension of your lid (in inches) and we will do the calculation for you. We will email you back the correct items for you to order.
  • The maximum back wall thickness that this toy box lid support will work with is 3/4".
  • The spring colors are shown to help identify the different weight ratings of the lid supports.



More Information
Finish Name Statuary Bronze
Material Steel
Opening Angle 85 Degrees
Length 6"
Mounting Hardware Included No
Mounting Hardware Type Four #6 round head screws
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