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Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors
    Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors
    Purchase Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors
    Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors SKU #: C10250 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ (2)

    Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors

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      • This hinge is completely concealed when the door is closed.
      • Adjustable in 3 dimensions after installation.Hinge opens a maximum of 180 degrees.
      • Also known as a 3D hinge.
      • Finger protection due to a small gap between door and frame.
      • Hinges are sold individually.
      • Weight rated for 175 lb using two hinges.
      • Hinges are cast in an aluminum alloy. The black plate that wraps around the hinge body is powder-coated steel. The cover plates are steel and are finished to match the 'knuckle' of the hinge.
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      Tectus 3D hinges are high-quality hinges that offer several benefits in terms of functionality and design. Some of the benefits of using Tectus 3D hinges are:

      1. Concealed installation: Tectus 3D hinges are designed to be installed completely flush with the door and frame, which means that they are concealed and do not detract from the overall aesthetic of the door.

      2. Three-dimensional adjustability: Tectus 3D hinges allow for three-dimensional adjustability, which means that they can be adjusted in height, depth, and width. This allows for precise alignment and perfect closure of the door.

      3. Smooth operation: Tectus 3D hinges are engineered to provide a smooth and quiet operation, which means that they do not produce any noise or friction when opening and closing the door.

      4. High weight capacity: Tectus 3D hinges are able to support heavy doors and can handle up to 79.37 kg (175 lbs) in weight using two hinges.

      5. Long-lasting durability: Tectus 3D hinges are made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, and are designed to withstand heavy use and resist corrosion and wear.

      Overall, the use of Tectus 3D hinges can enhance the functionality and appearance of doors, especially in high-end residential and commercial settings where aesthetics, durability, and precision are paramount.

      TE 340 3D
      180 Degrees
      1 - 3/4"
      175 lb per pair
      Matching screws
      Prop 65 Warning
      You're reviewing Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors
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      ★★★★★ ★★★★★
      5/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
      ERIC P SCOTT | July 20th, 2021
      James Edgar | November 18th, 2020
      Our architect recommended these and I'm glad we listened. Invisible hinges really make a world of difference and the quality of these is top-notch. Without them, our expensive modern doors would look a little more humbled.

      4 Questions asked about Tectus TE 340 3D for 1-3/4" Thick Doors

      Q Mitzi Mann • 12/16/2017, 5:59:06 PM Can these hinges be used for a frameless (disappearing) door?
      A 12/19/2017, 1:29:33 PM yes thay can!
      Q Richard Ungerbuehler • 01/15/2018, 10:05:35 AM How many hinges are recommended for an 80" door? ... for an 84" door? ... for a 96" door?
      A 01/15/2018, 12:59:39 PM Hi Richard, two hinges for doors up to 79" and three for doors up to 96".
      Q greg harman • 01/24/2018, 10:40:01 AM Is this hing rated for exterior use?
      A 01/24/2018, 2:30:39 PM Hello Greg, Well, rated for exterior use is a loaded question because so much of that depends on the hinge�s exposure to the elements, including humidity, the surrounding atmospheric environment (salty ocean-front or dry mountain air?) and exposure to direct or indirect sunlight. This Tectus TE 340 3D in a dry environment with low sun exposure will last a lifetime, but the same hinge installed oceanfront with prevailing salty breeze that is coating the hinge with salt, well, the hinge won�t last. The Tectus TE 340 3D hinges are cast in Aluminum Alloy, and the back plate that wraps around the hinge body is steel, so in a demanding environment, the steel may rust. For high corrosive environments, your best selection would be a stainless steel Tectus hinge.
      Q Jean Simonson • 03/07/2018, 4:05:17 PM On the number of hinges per door...I have a 96" tall door probably at 150#...most only 36" wide or less. The chart referenced did not give the number per door...that I could tell??!!
      A 03/07/2018, 4:42:37 PM Two TE340 3D's are rated for 176lb door at 36" x 79". For a 96" tall door we suggest 3 per door panel.
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