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Swing Clear Butt Hinge
    Swing Clear Butt Hinge
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    Swing Clear Butt Hinge

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      • Hinges are reversible for left or right swinging doors
      • Use swing clear hinges wherever doors are required to swing completely clear of the door opening (door must open to at least 95 degrees to swing completely clear)
      • Hinges are reversible for left or right swinging doors
      • Improves clearance for wheelchairs, carts, etc.
      • For medium weight doors of low frequency
      • Steel base material, full mortise hinge
      • For a 1-3/8" door use the 3-1/2" hinge and for a 1-3/4" door use the 4" hinge

      A swing clear hinge is a type of hinge used in door installations where the door needs to swing completely clear of the door opening. Unlike a standard hinge, which requires the door to swing partially into the opening, a swing clear hinge allows the door to swing fully clear of the opening, providing unobstructed access through the doorway.

      Swing clear hinges are often used in situations where the door needs to be completely out of the way, such as in medical facilities, commercial kitchens, and other areas where equipment or furniture may need to be moved through the doorway. They are also commonly used in wheelchair-accessible doors, as they provide additional clearance for the wheelchair to pass through.

      Swing clear hinges are available in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate different door weights and sizes. They can be installed on both new and existing doors and can be used with a variety of door materials, including wood, metal, and fiberglass.

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      1 Question asked about Swing Clear Butt Hinge

      Q Dennis • 02/24/2018, 1:54:45 PM Do you have the 3 1/2� swing clear hinge in bronze with a 1/4� radius corner? Thanks.
      A 02/26/2018, 2:53:58 PM Hello Dennis, No we don't. All of the swing clear hinges we have found have been with square corners only. We do sell this corner chisel tool that makes cutting round corners into square, quick and easy!
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