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Piano / Continuous Hinges

Piano / Continuous Hinges

Piano hinges, also known as continuous hinges, are long and narrow hinges that tend to span the entire length of a door or lid. Just as it sounds, the name originally comes from the type of hinge made to affix heavy piano lids to a piano itself. These piano hinges for sale work wonderfully for this application, and many more, because they do a very good job of distributing the weight of a door or lid along the entire length of the hinge. This is due to characteristics such as the long, continuous pin, and being able to mount the hinge with many more screw holes than a traditional hinge. These factors add up to provide superior strength and stability for a wide variety of applications. At HardwareSource, we carry a wide variety of piano/continuous hinges depending on your needs. Below you can select between hinges made of brass, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. You can also select between different open widths and whether or not you need pre-drilled screwholes. We stock most of these hinges in 72" lengths that can be cut down to the exact size needed for your project upon request. We also carry unique variations such as wrap around piano hinges and Roton hinges.  

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Each Aluminum Blank Piano Hinge
Each Brass Plated Piano Hinge, 72"
Each Brass Plated Piano Hinge, 12"
Each Nickel Plated Piano Hinge, 72"
Each Dark Plated Piano Hinge
  Dark Plated Piano Hinge
Each $22.97
  Wrap Around Piano Hinge
  Wrap Around Piano Hinge
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Each Steel Piano Hinge with Holes
Each Steel Blank Piano Hinge
  Steel Blank Piano Hinge
Each $4.28