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Self Closing Weld-On Hinge
    Self Closing Weld-On Hinge
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    Self Closing Weld On Hinge

    $760.00 Each
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      • Very high quality heavy duty weld-on hinge that self closes.
      • Self-closing feature uses a machined surface and gravity to self-close.
      • Hinge attaches between the gate and post.
      • Includes a grease fitting to keep the hinge lubricated.
      • A normal installation requires 2 hinges.
      • A typical installation of this hinge would allow the door to open to 90 degrees. The hinge will allow the door to open wider but how wide your door will actually open depends on your installation (at what point the surface of the door comes in contact with the edge of your post).
      • Floating hinge pin. It is not permanently attached to either the top or bottom part of the hinge and the gate or door may be lifted off after installation.
      • This self closing weld-on hinge is not finished and should be coated after installation.
      • Made from mild steel.
      • Not handed.
      • Welding plates are 3-3/8" x 1-1/2" x 3/8".
      • Gap between gate and post is 2-1/4"
      • For best self closing action, your door or gate should be approximately 50% of this hinges weight rating.
      • IMPORTANT: Please see Downloads for complete installation instructions.

      The self-closing weld-on hinge is a great option to have in place of other traditional hinges. With a weight rating of 800 lbs. per pair, these hinges offer heavy-duty capabilities for doors and gates. Unlike typical hinges, these require special care during installation to assure the self-closing feature works properly. Whether you're using these for your home or a client, you'll love the final result that the self-closing weld-on hinge produces.

      There are a variety of things to know about the self-closing weld-on hinge before choosing it for your doors, gates, or both. Made of natural steel, the hinge is highly durable and not handed, so it can be installed on the left or right of your frame. It self-closes using a machined surface and the natural force of gravity, so you won't have to pull your doors or gates closed"�if installed correctly, the self-closing weld-on hinge should close right behind you. It uses a grease fitting and a standard grease dispensing tip found on many grease guns. It'll also allow you to open doors and gates wider than 90 degrees, but this will solely depend on how you install it. The hinge has a floating hinge pin that will enable you to lift your door or gate. The centerline of the hinge pins of each hinge must be exactly aligned with one another. It's also important that your door or gate be at least 50% of the hinge's weight rating, so 400 lbs. deadweight in this particular instance. For more specifics, go to the Downloads section on this page to view the Dimensional Diagram and Installation Instructions. Please note that these are sold individually.

      When you place your order, we'll have your hinges shipped out within one business day. Should you have a question before choosing this hinge, reach out to us via the LiveChat system on our website. You'll be connected with an online agent who will help you out. If you have any other questions about the self-closing weld-on hinge or would like to learn more about our selection of hinges, please feel free to contact us for additional information.

      Natural Steel
      800 lbs Per Pair
      7 - 1/4"
      1 - 1/2"
      Prop 65 Warning
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      1 Question asked about Self Closing Weld-On Hinge

      Q Briton Kitching • 01/29/2018, 11:49:01 AM Does the price mean per pair? in other words would you be able to outfit one gate for the $289.XX? Or is there also a slave (a passive hinge) that can be purchased with this item,?
      A 01/30/2018, 10:49:43 AM These hinges are sold individually. For most gates you would need to order too. The pivot point of this hinge and how it rises when opening, make it hard to be used in conjunction with other hinges.
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