Self Closing Weld-On Hinge




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Self Closing Weld-On Hinge


  • Very high quality heavy duty weld-on hinge that self closes.
  • Self-closing feature uses a machined surface and gravity to self-close.
  • Hinge attaches between the gate and post.
  • Includes a grease fitting to keep the hinge lubricated.
  • A normal installation requires 2 hinges.
  • A typical installation of this hinge would allow the door to open to 90 degrees. The hinge will allow the door to open wider but how wide your door will actually open depends on your installation (at what point the surface of the door comes in contact with the edge of your post).
  • Floating hinge pin. It is not permanently attached to either the top or bottom part of the hinge and the gate or door may be lifted off after installation.
  • This self closing weld-on hinge is not finished and should be coated after installation.
  • Made from mild steel.
  • Not handed.
  • Welding plates are 3-3/8" x 1-1/2" x 3/8".
  • Gap between gate and post is 2-1/4"


  • This heavy duty weld-on hinge is unique and requires very special care when installing for the self closing feature to work properly.
  • The gate post that the hinge is attached to must be installaed so that it is perfectly plumb.
  • The centreline of the hinge pins of both hinges (top and bottom hinge) must be in exact alignment with each other. Tolerance not to exceed 1/16".
  • We recommend that the dead weight of the door or gate be at least 50 percent of the hinge's rating. Because this hinge is rated at 800 lb per pair, the minimum weight of your gate must be 400 lb.



More Information
Finish Name Natural Steel
Material Steel
Height 7 - 1/4"
Barrel Diameter 1 - 1/2"
Pin Diameter 3/4"
Weight Rating 800 lbs Per Pair
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